New video about Sven-Ole Thorsen and his new autobiography..! Watch scenes from Gladiator, Conan the Barbarian and many more Hollywood productions..!


24 thoughts on “Strong Man in Hollywood

  1. as a friend of schwarzenegger,thornes always get killed or beaten up. The best part thorsen had was in running man,where he refused to fight schwarzenegger ( i have got to score some steroids)

  2. "Это не рука литэйщика!!!" – русский Иван бьет ЯКУТА )))

  3. He was also in Predator… he was the head Russian dude at the camp. I saw a Jesse Ventura interview and he said that Sven-Ole was in alot of Arnold movies.

  4. "Whats the matter steroids make ya deaf!" he was also in the Running man m/

  5. why you took the part where he gets beaten up by arnold schwarzenegger?

  6. Impressive. Worth eating a bucket of oats first thing in the morning if it makes you look like Sven-Ole.

  7. At the time of Conan the Barbarian, he looked like Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden..LOL

  8. @KnatLouie i couldnt agree more. everyone needs to see abraxas:guardian of the universe

  9. @KnatLouie Sven-Ole Thorsen has been my idol Since i saw Conan Barbarian 10 years ago.

  10. forgot to put running man and predator because hes in both them movies too

  11. he also was in the hilarious "Mallrats" as a security guard of the mall, Lafours. He was truly unforgettable in that one, iconic. Also, the opening of "Red Heat", the sauna escene and snow fight was the best. I really wonder why he didn't jump to star in some action vehicles, 'cause he obviously has the photogenia… anyways, great stuntman, the forgotten profession in filmmaking.

  12. Red Heat, Sven-Ole Thorsen was also a powerlifter and a martial artist, even though he never did any martial arts in the movies he has played in.

  13. Yes, he was Richard Dawson's bodyguard in "Running Man", and has had a part in many Schwarzenegger movies!

  14. Awesome video.. although it would've been nice to see some highlights from "The Viking Sagas" and "Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe" too… Sven rocks!

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