Scott Stuber (Netflix), Toby Emmerich (Warner Bros), Donna Langley (Universal), Jim Gianopulos (Paramount), Alan Horn (Disney), Tom Rothman (Sony), and Jennifer Salke (Amazon) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s FULL, uncensored Studio Executives Roundtable.

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41 thoughts on “Studio Executives Roundtable: Netflix, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Disney, Amazon | Close Up

  1. Everyone looking at WB like this mother fucker has joker for 60million and made 1billion and 11 Oscar nominations. How did they do it !!?? 😂😂😂

  2. These are all the talentless people behind the movies who get paid the most.

  3. subjective
    These hitters putting themselves up for scrutiny is a reach out to the audience
    Noise blocking talent 🤳

  4. Completely out of touch right off the bat. They just don't want to face the fact that there are a lot of bad movies.

  5. 23:19 this argument should be outdated by now.
    And why Sony doesn't make good comic book movies.
    For the most part, there are a couple good, even great ones I'll give em credit for

  6. I could be completely wrong, but I look at all of them and I just see So Many Secrets!

  7. I think there is a definite correlation between lower income and higher prices at the movie theaters causeing less people to go see the smaller or the drama happy movies compared to the high profile action films. Like my family where we would pick and choose what we would see in the theater because now having 3 children it would cost a lot of money to go. The movie had to be worth it and the drama or love stories would be rented and watched at home

  8. the white people who control all our media, stereotypes and myths all in one room.

  9. Honestly who needed anybody else there from other than Netflix and Disney+? They are the only ones to keep your eye on… the rest are dogs scrounging for scraps of scraps

  10. No wonder why someone like Tom Holland had to come in and help save the Spider-Man/MCU deal. Tom Rothman seems pretty stubborn and obstinate. I don’t envy his employees.

  11. This was fantastic, the perception of Hollywood heads is as if they are money hungry execs who don't care. But just 3 mins in and one question asked you soon realise these guys love and care deeply about the films that are created, this was heartwarming to say the least.

  12. stop trying to cater to groups without any other content eg captain marvel was deliberately targeting a group but it was a well-made movie with a great script and action scenes, unlike Charlie's angles that only had one thing going for it which was its female cast, the script the action and the story we're all so bad it was embarrassing.
    making a movie is like making music or writing or cooking, the quality will always win out over quantity
    what is interesting is here we have some of the biggest names in money and entertainment and they are oblivious to the golden rule of success which is it's not important what you say yes to its what you turn down that makes you successful.

  13. Independent programmes/content is far more interesting, thought provoking and entertaining than anything these devils are behind. Times have changed. Big studios are not the only choice that the consumer has. I'm always for independent art – speaks to my heart more than anything these devils are pushing!

  14. They were all right about The Irishman, it couldn't have survived a theatrical release in the economic environment of today.Thats how badly big blockbusters have affected movie business.

  15. There are other studio executives who head studios that have done well throughout the years but you keep bringing the same people over and over again.Balance the table please.

  16. How were none of their phone's blowing up while in that 1 hour meeting? In fact none of their phone's were even out. They are the most important people in their respective companies and they literally took out 1 hour of their time with ZERO distractions. I'm impressed.

  17. It's interesting to see the dynamic between these people. Some of them are clearly more of a type A personality (Mr. Disney and Mr. Sony I'm looking at you) and this is manifested in them speaking more in the group situation, where as other's are remaining more quiet (Mr. Netflix, Mr. Warner Bros and Miss Amazon I'm looking at you). It's almost like a power game to see who can dominate here among the most dominant.

  18. One question, where the hell is Bob Iger?! That's head of Disney I want to hear from.

  19. It's funny to watch this and know you're gonna pirate the shit out of their efforts!

  20. Holy shit this was a great video! It’s like the mob bosses in Hollywood woman and men!! I thought I knew a lot about this industry but I just learned so much more from watching this thank you Hollywood reporter! Keep them coming. I hope to work with these guys when they came close last year. I just have to keep Grinding.

  21. Any plans on releasing the full Cinematographer Roundtable? I know it was released on the Behind the Screen podcast, but was wondering if you guys plan on releasing the video version as well.

  22. This panel was so awful to me (universal's head is amazing tho). Why is tom rothman running Sony if he's confident (so confident he says so) that quentin's ORiginal movie couldn't beat lion king??? I'm sorry what???? If he doesn't think an original movie (even in his mind) can be #1 at the box office in competition with a rehashed Disney movie or a Disney movie in general what is he even doing there?
    Sure be realistic but also why would u tell a filmmaker hey ur going to be #2.

    That's a self fulfilling prophecy&it says in no uncertain terms that he has no faith in the movie or in originals or in the "star power" of pitt&DiCaprio. Then he complained about how good movies used to make money but now they can't lol boohoo ppls standards are higher, boohoo u can no longer LITERALLY afford to be lazy,my god just make better movies. Now I know why Sony caved. It's because this dope was so afraid of Disney that he thought spider man SPIDERMAN can't be successful without Disney. Replace him with someone who's not afraid to go out on a limb pls sony. The streamers there were pointless to me cuz they don't release their numbers so everything they're saying especially filled with debt Netflix could be absolute BS so why let them speak at all, seriously seeing them on this panel is a joke. We're all going to sit here&pretend that more than a handful of ppl didn't skip through that 3 hour Scorsese movie? Ok thr oh kay.

    Also lol how tom said he hates that weekend box office is public. I bet ur tune would be different if sony was ruling the town at #1 every weekend. A panel of whiners. Paramount's should be axed as well cuz he also has no faith. Half of them (minus universal thank god for universal) have absolutely given up&it's despicable. Warner Bros lucked into jokers box office, the budget was criminally low cuz they had no faith in that movie&now they're lapping up praise for it like it was planned. Nobody knows what they're doing there, dinosaurs from a bygone era confused by the future. Every1 needs to be replaced with innovative ppl who believe the movie business (theatrical especially) can thrive&survive. Universal is going to eat every1 for breakfast one day&they all deserve the crow they're going to be eating. Disney in particular.

  23. Somebody tell Spectrum to get their fingers out of myk pocket where my bill outpaces inflation like Bolt would Limbaugh. And the content I only want 20 percent of. Its like being required to buy Health Care coverage. Anti Trust must be in a coma.

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