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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston again to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!

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40 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 13

  1. The one take fight scene at the end of The Revenant.. was gold! ssuming it was truly one take

  2. I don't actually know if it's Stunt work or CGI, but if you could react to the fight scenes in both of the Sherlock Holmes films with RDJ, that'd be cool.

  3. She was great, absolutely loved this episode. But I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh when she began to explain motion capture to arguably the biggest VFX channel on YouTube 😂

  4. Amy's like Jane Wick in that fight scene by the car, nothing fancy, she just wades in and punches the crap out of those guys.

  5. Dude I actually was thinking about how they Made Catwomens acrobatics in Spiderman PS4 so real

  6. 6:58
    “That wasn’t me.”
    I actually believed her, her face was dead serious. My god, she has the best poker face.

  7. You guys have to do “crouching tiger hidden dragon” I’m yellin y’all haven’t done an episode on it yet

  8. Did you guys ever cover that really awful jump/run scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Liev Schreiber is running on all fours? It was just awful! Okay… the whole movie was just awful, but… you know what I'm getting at.

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