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The Crew is back with Stuntman and Parkour master Jesse LaFlair to react and break down some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!

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30 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 14

  1. Hi guys, would love If you could check out extraction (Russo brothers movie on Netflix) it has some nice camera moves and fight scenes. Thanks, stay safe everyone.

  2. I would love to see stuntmen react to pretty much any of the scenes from "Romancing the Stone" (1984). Action film in South America, Danny DeVito, what's not to love. The driving scenes, the vine swing over a ravine, "driving" a car off a waterfall, sliding down a mud-filled flume in the jungle (with a POV camera angle on the main actor). Seriously, please do this one.

  3. You guys should definitely review that scene from icarly where gibby falls from the ceiling

  4. You guys need to do a stuntmen react on Extraction on Netflix ASAP, some of the hits are nuts

  5. Some films I would like reactions on either stuntmen or VFX would be

    Bulletproof Monk
    Deadpool 1&2
    Book of life
    The Forbidden Kingdom

    Any Stop motion film with a specialist on couch/video call – maybe from Laika (paranorman ,Kubo)

    Rush Hour Trilogy special with Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan
    Rate/roast – the last airbender film
    X-men special

  6. You guys should really take a look at the Casino Royal car scene where they flip the Aston Martin!

  7. You should react to the prison break fight scenes from Arrow 7×7 “the slabside redemption”

  8. please react to Extraction 2020 on NetFlix, It has got some great stunts and awesome camera work.

  9. Ok ok weird idea cause well yea but you should react to the choreography of the ‘stunts’ (idk if there more real or cgi) in this series

  10. Do the BONKERS car chase from the end of Maniac Cop 3 where one of the stunt drivers was full burn on fire for like 20 minutes WHILE driving the car with the fuckin door off

  11. You all need to watch Extraction with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix. The fight blew my freaking mind and many of them are done as 1-takes. There are some crazy car chases as well that are done as 1-takes.

  12. Check out fight scenes from Undisputed 2/3/4! YURI BOYKA is the most complete fighter in the world!

  13. first, shoutout to y'all for reading all of these; that's dope.
    second, there are some pretty rad stunts in Encino Man ('92, Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, Sean Astin). the two main ones that I think would be cool to see are "Brendan" flipping over a second story rail and the car being driven on its two side wheels. 🙂

  14. 10:00
    I realize now, that there's a bit just like that in Mirror's Edge, near the beginning of the game, you're being chased by a helicopter, and you drop down a sloped glass roof onto a terrace across the street.
    I always knew it had been done before, but I had forgotten about this movie.
    for a game that's basically a love letter to running, this scene had to had been recognized by runners.

  15. next time you guys get eric back, please cover Matts prison escape fight from Daredevil season 3

  16. You should react to the kill bill scene where Uma Thurman fights the crazy 88 army

  17. you guys gotta watch some of the fight scenes in the new netflix movie Extraction. some of the best fight scenes ive seen in movies for all year

  18. Hey guys, great channel, check out the first fight movie Extraction on Netflix for some interesting stunts in their fight scenes

  19. "Ip-man" 10 on 1 fight
    "They" Alley fight
    "The Chaser" 2008 korean thriller chase scene, gritty and the fatigue feels authentic🤟

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