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The Crew is back with Stuntman Gui DaSilva to react and break down some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!


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25 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 15

  1. I need you guys to react to the Medusa episode of Johnny Quest. Jk but that show blew my mind in the mid 90s. I think I was 5.

  2. I was hoping for Ip Man. I'm rewatching them for the 4th time. I saw it on the previews. I'm staying for this.

    Niko: I think "Ip" is the last name. In "The Grandmaster" which I'm currently watching, they talk about the "Ips". And in "Ip Man" (Donnie Yen) when he names his second child, the first is Zhun, and the second is Ching. "Ip Ching, I want him to be a righteous man".

  3. Assassins creed unity, witcher 3, the last of us, Cinematic video game trailers
    Guys I'm waiting

  4. Hey Flint, you are starting to look like the main bad guy in Far Cry 5. Is freaking me out a bit

  5. I wanna see you guys take a look at the Tae Kwon Do fight in season two of BARRY.

  6. Enjoying your work here, guys, but there was a little misinformation about Enter The Dragon ; Sammo Hung's only involvement was a couple days' work on the opening fight scene (which was actually the last fight scene shot, & , sadly, Bruce's final fight scene), Lam Ching Ying, not Sammo, was Bruce's assistant fight coordinator, & Yuen Wah, not Yuen Biao, was Bruce's acrobatic double. Anyway, I look forward to watching more of your stuff (how about something on the best of Jackie Chan's action? So much to comment on in his long career!).

  7. Im just so disctracted by the clip in your hair … >_< Can you make it go with your hair just so it doesn't look like you picked up a binder clip and chucked it in

  8. Hey Corridor Crew, you should have sound designers React to good and bad sound design, one movie in particular is Lone Survivor, where there so so so so many sound design mistakes from terrible reload noises, suppressed guns sounding unsupressed and visa versa, but then there’s great sound design. I think it would be an interesting new take and series

  9. Niko, you look kinda of sick man. like something’s off about you in this video. I’d highly recommend going to the doctor as soon as possible. I can’t put a finger on it but you look weak and tired in this video.

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