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The Crew is back with Stuntman Gui DaSilva to react and break down some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!


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43 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 16

  1. I would like to see a break down of Frank Castle vs. The Russian of the 2004 Punisher Movie with Thomas Jane 🙂

  2. The hound was suffering from infection of the bite wound on his neck. so he was just weakened from fighting

  3. Do EXTRACTION on Netflix, the scene where Chris Hemsworth fights the room full of guys to rescue the kid, 10-15 min into the movie

  4. My favourite fight scene would be Tony Jaa vs Lateef Crowder from the movie Tom yung Goong

  5. Wheels on Meals the fight scene between Benny the Jet and Jackie Chan is legendary

  6. Clone Wars Season Seven – Ep 10 – The Phantom Apprentice – Ahsoka vs Maul

  7. It's not a movie, but the martial arts of Sleeping Dogs is quite beautiful, and i'd love a rundown of it

  8. Awsome video guys. You should next time react to: The night comes for us. Especially the last fight scene in the wearhouse. Thx

  9. I really hope you guys react to The Raid movie, a bunch of cops(swat like team) entering a bulding. Lots of martial arts and cool fights!

  10. I was disappointed you guys didn't show any of the hand to hand combat from Daredevil. Please review the extended fight scene where Daredevil is defending the Punisher while bringing him off the rooftop.

  11. That would actually be really fucking cool if you guys can get Charlie Cox in

  12. The car chase scene in The Raid 2…or, any fight scenes in that film. Also, check out The Night Comes for Us.

  13. I'm thinking about the last fight scene from "Gorgeous" with Jackie Chan. That dud with the air kicks was insane.

  14. you guys should do fong sai yuk (starring jet lee). magnificant fight scenes in that movie. one of the best kungfu movies ever.

  15. Finally you're gonna check Kung Fu Hustle. Better late than never! I did asked a couple of times……..

  16. Guys, when are you watching the wandering earth and the wold warrior II?

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