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Niko, Clint, and stuntman Aaron Toney break down some of the craziest stunts in Hollywood!


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49 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 17

  1. You guys should react to Gon vs Hisoka ful fight from Hunter x Hunter.
    It's an anime and the characters do have powers like the "aura coating around them to reduce dmg as well as Hisoka's bungee gum nen ability but it is mostly a martial arts fight

  2. Terrible job at keeping social distance, specially around 11:18 (no masks, no distance, direct talking). At 13:00 approaching someone without a mask and without distance again. I wonder how many dead we'll need to stop fucking around.

  3. i love when he talks he doubles words randomly like glitching the matrx. great stuntting!!!

  4. It would be funny if he said the subscription thing after Niko gave a speech about “blah blah”% of viewers are not subscribed and then he’d say that I’m one of those viewers.

  5. I used to practice Capoeira, man Lateef is such a god in this martial art.

  6. Please react on this fight scene this is a bollywood movie name is 'Aparachit' please please please please please please react on it….

  7. I'm really enjoying this series, mostly because now when I see other stunt reels irl, I know IMMEDIATELY who they are, and honestly, they deserve so much credit for making movies so awesome looking.

  8. I'm going post this until you show it 😅
    Jet Li in "Kiss of the Dragon" when he enters the police training hall and fights 3 people that attacks him simultaneously. You should really check that out.

    Check it out at 2:13 in the clip below.

  9. I want to see more Aaron that guy's amazing and so interesting to listen to

  10. He is awesome! His take on fighting scenes telling a story is so true and important.

  11. The Mask of Zoro with Antonio Banderas would be a great movie for you guys to react to both with your Stuntmen React and VFX Artists React. It has some great stunts and choreography with all the sword fights and near the end of the movie a gold mine is blown up and that has fire balls, and lots of smoke and flying debris.
    I just watched it again last night and I would love to hear your thoughts on how it was made!

  12. me seeing Capoeira … insert Leonardo pointing meme
    So that's what Eddy from Tekken was doing O_O

    Edit : They made that reference later in the video… :/

  13. Another Awesome vid guys, love watching these, it's super interesting to see behind the scenes of the entertainment industries that we enjoy so much.

  14. Check the battle of Once Upon Times season 1 ep 6 (the fight at 3mins and the dragon at 20 mins)

  15. Do you guys know about the Netflix series Love Death + Robots?? I think the 1. and 6. episode (Sonnie's Edge and Beyond the Aquila Rift) have incredible good looking CGI humans. Would be amazing if you could do a Reaction Vid to one or actually any of episodes. Greetz from Germany

  16. *I suggest you guys react to YOUTUBER'S VFX.
    I mean V FX from Short Films and other YOUTUBE videos.

  17. you guys keep bringing up anime, but are you guys ever gonna watch some? there's been some really great fight scenes in recent anime you could look at, a personal favourite is the one from the *first episode of BNA*, it's got great contrasting colours and really huge, exaggerated movements.

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