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The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!

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21 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 2

  1. Would love if you guys did a react to Casino Royal. In particular the parkour chase scene 👍

  2. I was rewatching the series, and realized that at the end, Carmichael is disappearing in the crew shot… it made me so sad 🙁

  3. From The window at my old job we got to watch Tom Cruise film this stunt scene where he jumped from one roof to the other and have to grab the edge with his hands. And pull himself up. It was pretty cool to be able to sit and watch the process. And how many times he had to do it. They did have him on a wire though, I know that he doesn't use wires a lot of times or at least I always hear that about him. But this was pretty high up. And they had these huge cranes and camera rigs and once he is on the other building he goes in the roof entrance to the building and runs down the stairs. But they must have filmed the interior somewhere else, cause I'd been in that building several times and the stair well is a different color and the lobby and individual floors look much different.

    It's so crazy how much goes into like 30 seconds of a film sometimes. They filmed the jump a couple days. And then his scuffle on the roof was like 8-10 days.

    I also never realized just how many motherfuckers are on the set on any given scene. Since watching this channel I was trying to figure out who might be doing what. It looked like 2-3 stunt coordinators although one guy seemed to be leading the way in the hand to hand fighting choreography. Those high speed fights like Jacki Chans career, those scenes are way more like dancing than actually simulating fighting.
    They run thru it at like a a quarter speed for days before they even tried segments at half or full speed. And it looks so much like watching choreographed dancing for movies like step up or you got served.

    But Tom is a beast. Especially for his age. I'm half his age and I would have been so incredibly sore and tired and burned out after like 3 days. Lol.
    But anyways just wanted to share caus I love this channel and its impact on my love for effects and really just the process of making a film. And it was neat getting to watch it happen one building over and about 5 floors lower

  4. Daredevil was amazing! Kudos! It seems like i see a lot of cool Tom Cruise stunts that's overdone with CG very common.

  5. Ok I subscribed is that better? Not gonna lie though this is one of those channels I frequently watch that I never subscribed to. I have a few like that dont know why I dont just sub. But I think its probably because the vids are always in my feed anyway so you really dont need to unless you dont watch a channel that often and forget about it then being subscribed comes in handy because eventually you'll see an upload in your subscription from that channel or it will have s much greater chance of being recommended. No idea why I even took the time to type this out its currently 2:43 am wtf am I doing right now.

  6. I’m super late but the last one is clearly just one of those situations where a stuntman actually gets hurt but the shot is good. It wasn’t choreographed. A dude just got hit by a car.

  7. The Stunts and the FX of Hardcore Henry, anything really but specially the clone reveal scene into the seige of the compound

  8. One question: when stuntmen fall/jump through windows, how is broken glass not a concern? Like for the 200ft fire jump, falling on broken glass from that distance or glass falling on you would do some damage right?

  9. The camera operator who had to jump out the plane backwards and do a halo jump with a headmounted camera is the real hero of that scene.

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