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The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!

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24 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

  1. The Raid hell yeah good movie. Hollywood needs to amp up there game because same shit every time is boring. Then John Wick came out and made action movie's good again…Thanks

  2. Funny part is, hollywood still thinks that that it could do the same shit in Afghanistan. Now they realize what is a movie stunt and what is Afghanistan. 18 plus years, a lot of suicides, a loss of army.

  3. How about some older movies, like "The Stunt Man" 1980? Or "Heat"? When wires were wires and fire real.

  4. “What’s the hardest hit you’ve ever taken?” This POS grey T Shirt you guys made me where.

  5. Yeah I know Tom Cruise does a lot of stunts but I feel like he does those huge stunts for instance doing that jump that broke his ankle or climbing the burj khalifa or motorcycle riding and so on but Keanu does more combat stunts like fighting 6 guys one after another in a hallway in one shot so he needs great endurance and with Toms stunts they are big yeah but nothing besides only s couple where he needs very high endurance. Idk i respect Keanu way more but that’s prolly bc Tom is a fucking weirdo especially with all that Scientology shit.

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