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The Crew is joined by Action Designer Chris Cowan to react and break down some of Hollywood’s best and worst Stunts!

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21 thoughts on “Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 7

  1. The Docks Fight Scene in Batman Begins. It’s very cutty and choppy but Nolan said that was for an artistic reason to make Batman seem inhuman. However, the fact that it’s extremely choppy makes it very hard to follow the attacks

  2. I Created my Own Camera Rigs I call one Worm Cam and Another Turtle Cam Because I filmed a Turtle Running Around in My Backyard…

  3. I'm the Ultimate Batman Fan I have seldom ever Enjoyed a Batman Fight Scene… The Cartoons get it, Batman Dead End Fan Movie Gets It….

  4. You want a bad action scene… the one that was created by you, with those wildlings pushing swords in shearing across the body, while that particular shot is not bad the rest of the fight scene is… you put so much thought and effort into CG that your action choreography seems unattended and ultimately crap… no wonder

  5. The Bourne fight scene is not a crap fight scene… get your head together.. not following the rules doesn't mean the scene is bad… if it looks great then its great.. it looks better and more realistic than the black dude's choreographed fight scene that you are clearing advertising for… you earned an unsubscribe for making this comment

  6. I had always thought the scene from the Bourne movie, like most of the rest of the cinematography in the Bourne movies, was intentionally shaky so as to represent Bourne's confusion amidst reacting from his muscle memory. Do you think there's anything to that or is it really just a poor action scene?

  7. Bourne Supremacy is the first time I ever noticed cinematography, because of how bad it was. Before then I hadn't really given good cinematography a second thought, but now I look for it. So…thanks, Bourne Supremacy?

  8. I legit stopped the video to go watch the UA:LA. apparently I had only seen the one episode and I need MOAR!! great job! Literal tingles and all the anime hype.

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