It cannot get crazier than this! First it was the Godzilla, now the Supercroc.

A team of soldiers must stop a giant, bloodthirsty crocodile from reaching a nearby city, while trying to avoid being a meal for the beast themselves.

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The giant reptile is headed towards the city of Los Angeles and the security forces have little time on their hand. The troop of soldiers assigned for the work has an unstoppable creature in their path. They have to confront the killer croc without getting killed. The stakes are high against a monster size reptile. Are the troops prepared What will it take to bring down the terror of the Supercroc?



  1. Where did they have their 'stage'. In a bathroom…listen to the 'hollow' sounds.

    1hr…34mins. 2007
    Sci-Fi / Thriller
    📝Summary: Soldiers must prevent a gigantic, man-eating crocodile from reaching an urban population.
    Kim Little / Dr. Leah Perrot
    Matthew Blashaw / Capt. Joe Lynch
    Cynthia Rose Hall / Pvt. Celia Perez
    Kristen Quintrall / Lt. Henche
    David Novak / General McFadden
    Noel Thurman / Reynolds
    Marat Glazer / Maj. Falk
    Shaley Scott / Sgt. Julie Davenport
    Steven Glinn / Jackson
    Michael Tower / McCoy
    Allen Duncan / Quinn
    Kim Garret / Druitt
    Elvan Price Jr. / Helicopter Pilot
    Jason DeParis / Dryer
    Matthew Scott Wilcox / Commander Hart
    Eric Spudic / Pvt. Forney
    Andy Holt / Martin
    Cougar Zank / Myers
    SOLDIERS: John Northcutt, Nathan
    US ARMY SOLDIERS: Terry Harsha, Ryan Roper, Raj Milian, KJ Wilkinski, Garth R. Hassell
    Ernesto Galan / Townperson
    💥: Now on a ⚖ scale of 1 being very 👎 bad and a 10 being really 👍 great I give this movie a: 7

  3. The Croc did the female soldier a favor by eating her fiance. He was acting like a real douchebag.

    Edit: If it was me i'd put the Croc's eggs somewhere near Washington DC. No big loss if all the politicians there got eaten by it.

  4. Why didn't they drop a steel net on it or lead it to a cliff?  Anyway, SEQUEL?  Didn't recognize anybody in this film.  Not bad.(ls)

  5. this is why we don't have women at the front line….. talkinG about a wedding WTF THEY SHOULD BE EATEN BY THE CROCK

  6. There was another good one but I don't remember the name in the movie he was a huge crack a there was a lady Feeding a the crackdown with her cows . She got in little in trouble for doing that because it was killing everyone she was keepin as secret.

  7. If the underbelly is vulnerable why not plant booms around eggs so when mama walks over bombs to get to eggs you detonate them

  8. What about shooting it’s eyes out or shooting a bomb into its mouth when it goes to grab someone, Doctor needs to be eaten by mama croc or baby croc if egg breaks open.

  9. She was safe in the tree but the helicopter in the sky wasn’t? Does that make sense to you?

  10. when was this published? so that I can understand why the low graphics, but the script isn't good either. The image I saw when I clicked was awesome but the movie isn't.

  11. OK now, "SuperCroc" suggest that the creature is a crocodile, they are not reptiles, they're amphibians.

  12. “What are we up against?”
    “We’re up against bad acting & no atmospheric music & is exceptionally bad graphics”….(it’s like returning to the 60’s)….
    But a good enuf film for background whilst doing stuff

  13. I want one of these for a pet I was pulling for her. The whole movie I would love to feed a few can people to her

  14. Another very excellent movie only on YouTube I am the unknown last Van Gogh the only one who drew the whole Eglin radar in illustrator and Photoshop, I also worship Lilith

  15. If this is the kind of American soldiers we have they'll always lost in the battle… very stupid!

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