Marvel Cinematic Universe director, writer and comedian Taika Waititi’s latest flick “Jojo Rabbit” raised many an eyebrow at the Toronto International Film Festival. But after a positive premiere at the Canadian fest, has the new Disney staple won over audiences on his controversial film? The director and the rest of his cast from “Jojo” Sam Rockwell, Stephen Merchant, Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie sat down to explain the process of green lighting a movie where Hitler stars as a little boy’s imaginary friend.


49 thoughts on “Taika Waititi on How He Persuaded Hollywood to Make His Hitler Comedy 'Jojo Rabbit'

  1. Hay you guys at Variety please contact Taika and tell him to Make Jojo Rabbit into franchise please. The characters like Jojo and Elsa deserves few adventures!

  2. Funny how he went from What We Do in the Shadows, to Thor, to this…. interesting filmography. Cannot wait to see what else this guy does next!

  3. What’s the last T? The last T is irrelevant. Does AT&T still operate telegraphs

  4. Roman and taika dressed the same. Honestly I wonder if it was simply by chance or if it was planned

  5. "One of the things that undermines dictators is humor, because their main armor is fear, and you not scare

      the one you are laughing at"
    Very important thought
    It seems that it is because of this the film is banned in Russia(
    "Одна из вещей подрывающих диктаторов это юмор, потому что главное их оружие и броня это страх, а ты уже не можешь бояться

    того над кем смеешься"
    Похоже именно по этому у нас в России его не показывают(

  6. Jojo Rabbit is not a "Hitler comedy," though it does feature a savagely comedic fantasy version of Hitler. It's a parable for how children of today should resist fascism.

  7. Taika’s attitude is so much like lazarbeams but only if it were actually funny

  8. Thumbnails are so small on my mobile, I legit thought that was George Clooney.

  9. Words cannot express how much I love this movie. 💖💞💞💖💖💕💕💖💖💖💖

  10. Sam Rockwell is so underrated but what an amazing actor and guy he is!!!!

  11. Tell me why you disagree if so, but I really object to the kid actor doing any press stuff. Enough mistakes have been made with actors that young being so exposed to the press.

  12. Taika Waititi and Stephen Marchant's eyes are so lit! They definitely took advantage of legalised Marijuana while in Toronto.

  13. His first (short) film ever was nominated for an Oscar in 2005, goes on to direct critically acclaimed indie films, lands a Marvel film that revives the franchise AND a sequel and wins an Oscar for his first big post-Marvel featured. He’s had a hell of a 15-year career.

  14. A wonderful film that I quite enjoyed but I think hanging the tag os "comedy" on it doesn't really seem to fit.

  15. How i would put this film is that it is about a young boy who has a pure heart and good intentions but with wrong knowledge

  16. I wonder if Thomasin or Jojo (don't know his name) "noticed" xD Stephen Merchant is totally higher than Taika

  17. chur taika! very well said…. u r in touch with reality of what is needed to be addressed and acknowledged… the point of view through a child’s mind… arohanui me koe from the deep south of nz

  18. Maybe this is random, but the soundtrack of the movie was brilliant too, it showed me that a period piece didn't have to necessarily have old music from the era to make it more believable, the story of Jojo itself was well written enough for the story to be real but still be uplifted by the soundtrack, amazing work all around.

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