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34 thoughts on “Tammy Rivera Reveals She Knew Waka Flocka Was “The One” on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I don't think Tammy realized that the "blogger" was NOT excited to tell the "mistress" story. Blogger actually played "devil's advocate" and made the "mistress" feel terrible lol. I hope Tammy realizes that.

  2. Even a year later this was a great episode fantastic conversation from all guests👍✌💛😁

  3. Jason Lee is always trying to do to much!!! I loved this episode tho.Tammy is beautiful! TJ Madison is crazyyyyyy!
    OHhhhhh WEeee tammy crazy & tuff.Jason lee really think he black! I just wish they would put pictures of they family family..

  4. Tammy She So Beautiful🥰🥰🥰Humble,Honest,Respectful & Down To Earth Love Her❤️🔐

  5. So what has he done for you to become a better woman Tammy since you clearly keep stating what you have done to so called make him become a better man 🙄🤔😎

  6. Tammy you are not the say all,end all chy you love him okay he loves you cool but you are not his life saver please shut your conceited a** up !!!

  7. I like Tammy but I don't like how in everrrrrryyyyyyy single interview she has to make it seem like Waka wants her more than she wants him , he loves her more than she loves him , "he always says I'm perfect " blah blah blah okay chyyyyyyyy lol lhm

  8. I love your personality.! My Baltimore home girl, you respresent us well.!!!!

  9. Good video. Ive heard about this editing scenes to make more sensational television more times than i can count. It's definitely putting peoples relationships in jeaprody of being damaged. Its not right. If these networks continue doing this. The stars should be informed ahead of time and have the opportunity to participate, or to decline from being a part of the show.

  10. Tammy the fact that you are revealing to the world that fighting for your marriage is a “spiritual thing” is courageous! And I applaud you for fighting for yours and interceding for your husbands soul!🗣

  11. Jason shut the fuck up. It's always got to be about you. Every conversation always turns back to you. Tf. And. You don't like dark skinned black girls. You always got something to say about us. You light skinned cheese burger on legs. Your attitude is completely disgusting.

  12. The guy in the grey is very annoying. He hijacks the conversion constantly and makes everything about himself.

  13. After T.S. Madison stop talking I forgot what I was watching but I loved her personality tho. I wish Jason Lee would allow other host to talk……like omg. FYI, just because he cool with your friends don't mean the same thing for pe9 he don't know.

  14. Jason Lee, Kudos!!! on a job well done. I enjoy your interviews, as well as getting to know you in a different light outside of the person portrayed on LHHH, you are skilled at your craft and very professional. Tammy Rivera is a class act! The DMV is proud of you Tammy!!! TS Madison love her too!!! Thanks for providing a platform for the general public to get to know the unlocked version of celebrities which to me is the real version of these individuals. Peace blessings much and continued success!!!

  15. 💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄

  16. LOL 🤣 🤣 they got TS Madison on here? ROTFLMAO wow

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