Taraji P. Henson is making the most of self-isolation! The “Coffee & Kareem” star tells Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall via Zoom how she’s coping with social distancing guidelines, from virtual cocktails with friends to learning how to do her own braids and gel manicures. Taraji also shares that she’s lost five pounds so far and can now last up to an hour in an infrared sauna! The Oscar nominee goes on to reflect on the coronavirus pandemic and how it’s impacted her wedding plans, explaining that she’s “pausing” her nuptials while taking older family members into consideration. And, Taraji dishes why her new Netflix comedy is the perfect at-home viewing experience in the current climate, and how she explained her comedic acting journey to co-star Ed Helms. “Coffee & Kareem” drops April 3 on Netflix.

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Taraji P. Henson Reveals 5-Pound Quarantine Weight Loss: ‘I’ve Been Taking Care Of Myself’



38 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Reveals 5-Pound Quarantine Weight Loss: 'I've Been Taking Care Of Myself'

  1. Thanks for this video I love this actress, comedian so much I think she's so dope& love all her films.My sista virgo girlfriend.

  2. Please help i need to take my gel nails off safely at home. Please tell about the rollers
    You can sleep in. Do you have any natural hair care best products? Thanks.

  3. Humanity isn't forever changed. Human beings have very short memories so by the time this thing is over people will forget.

  4. That red hair fits her firey personality.

    It becomes her. Shes such a beautiful black fox.

    Foxy Gorgeous…


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  7. No one gives a shit how much weight you lost you self absorbed twerp…..people are staying inside for bigger and more important issues…..jeez some of these so salled stars are so shallow !

  8. Why does this look like a bad editing job gong back and forth … taraji looks cute

  9. This is History is repeating itself, please read about the influenza epidemic in 1918.

  10. 🍃🌹💟🌹🍃Hello to the lovely Taraji. ..looking beautiful as always 🍃🌹💟🌹🍃

  11. I like your hairstyle. Let us know about those rollers. We appreciate you across the U.S.

  12. She is sporting a Aunt Dora hair style eyes too bewitching mother am talking about.

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