#TaylerHolder Is Confronted About The Truth Behind #ChaseHudson ‘s Exposing Tweets At The #HypeHouse Mansion 7.8.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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43 thoughts on “Tayler Holder Is Confronted About The Truth Behind Chase Hudson's Exposing Tweets At The Hype House

  1. okay first j have sm to say why does he always have to be there like every day or sumn and why are they the same kids does he go like hey come im comin lets go

  2. He said it’s already out because you said still softish not part two the first one is already on YouTube

  3. Why are you trying to hunt them down to get this info bc it's there pravite info that they dont wanna share theres already plenty of drama and it stinks

  4. i don’t understand how people get big so fast like do they be selling they souls or something

  5. Everyone is talking about chase..chase…CHASE..😡but none is speaking about nesse. It’s not just like chase put a gun on her head and forced her to kiss him…

  6. Ask him about summer ray let’s see what he says because FaZe Jarvis Likes her and he was with her

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