Drinks Fly When Hazel-E + Teairra Come Face To Face
Hazel-E is on a mission to tie up some loose ends and terminate her relationship with Teairra.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Episode 1
Teairra vs Hazel E


39 thoughts on “Teairra vs. Hazel | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. Idc what anyone says Hazel E was just upset because TT kept hanging out with the Ops yes Hazel did too much but I agree with her

  2. All this fake fights just get more reactions to this shit if bitches gonna slap n pull hair then fucking let them let them make right cunts of themselves what stupid bitches probably fighting over a man who don't want neither of u whores n laughing at the pair of you

  3. Glammed up and everything gets ripped off, waste of time for 2 mins attention, and them wigs ain't cheap!!!!!!

  4. If you watched the first season I feel like they disrespected Hazel too much and no one ever stood up for her. I really don't blame her for this attitude she now has. 🤷🏽 They did that girl dirty too many times.

  5. "I keep letting this pickle nose bitch back into my life"…😒😭😂😂

  6. 1:38 "She doesn't own anything, she rents everything. Girl, bye! 👋" Teairra is right about that.

  7. Hazel has some nerve to compare looks with anyone. She’s a monster in the face.

  8. better give your life to god and get off tv making a fool of your self you sisters and you should not be fight over nothing if god was hear now what would you half to say running out of time god is on his way back this is no joke open up your eyes all this death all this killing what king you know is gonna set there and let people get away with messing up his work human have no respect for the king and what he has done for us i bet when most of you set up you do not even think for the day the woke u up and you human think this life is all about you fam money is nothing if you dead a home ha it just a big joke car toys they can be broken your life and soul if more and here most of you fool give your soul for what you can die thinking stuff a game you have one life but you pick to make the wrong choice im not judging you that god job i am helping you open up your eyes be for your soul burn in hell wake up this is not a dream how many time we could of been dead but god gave us chance after chance do you know how many asteroids how many comets and meteors pass us you would be shocked stop taken the time god give you for a joke focus on god if you do not believe in god then now is the time you believe or you will be a lost soul final warning

  9. To throw something at someone when they walk away is weak to attack or aim at someone when their back is turn is a weak move

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