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13 thoughts on “Ted Cruz DESTROYS Hollywood as they bend the knee to Chinese CENSORSHIP on Top Gun Maverick!

  1. Love him or Hate him.
    That's why I'll always Respect the Joker who had the Last Laugh at the Box Office while being the only Man giving the Finger and sticking it to China 🖕

  2. Mr matrixx its me Edgardo Rivera from Puerto Rico. Please do a review about Justice League Dark Apokolios War.

  3. What this gets me thinking about, which John you may have better insight, is China's money's worth.

    (How is something that is claimed 7x worth less than usa dollar, the china yen; but is sought after as worth more, when china only has 4x more population?)

    (there is still something missing, not right)

    (are we not shown a number that gives true value, or is the numbers fake, & "acceptance of claims" is what's accepted; is value a fantasy, &/or controlled/make believe?)

  4. By the way the box office gross for Endgame… 612 million dollars. In China

  5. I visited China with my wife around 3 years ago. It is a gorgeous country but such an oppressive regime. You can witness the government blocking almost all information and social media from the outside world.

  6. We like Ted Cruz! He speaks truth! Great video. Thanks!!!

  7. Great great commentary John Matrixx. You are one of my favorite channels.

  8. This pandering by Hollywood to the Chinese Communist Party has been going on for years and it is sickening. Hollywood did the same thing with Nazi Germany until the outbreak of WW2. I know so much more about what is going on with the CCP since the CCP virus and since I started watching the nightly news on You Tube from The Epoch Times, NTD News, and other great You Tube Channels. The Epoch Times iPhone App is also a main news source for me.

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