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49 thoughts on “Teyana Taylor On Growing Up, Heartbreak, & Forgiving Jeremih on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. If you’re friend are on the caliber of Jason, Wendy Williams etc they aren’t you’re friends just saying


  3. Putin is so much smarter then Trumpet he is a agent for real….and god chess player he can think 7 steps a head. watch the Oliver Stone sit down whith Putin

  4. Jason said he wanna be in the CIA …sir you just said you can’t keep secrets 😂😂

  5. Damn Jason I went back to that pic more than a few times 😂 Whoooo Chow!

  6. She is a legend in the making better give her her flowers now 🌹 She speaks with so much wisdom and still keeps it real! So dope🔥

  7. Cmon Jason, youre too grown to do funny shit like that man. 1st tip….STOP KEEP MESSING WITH DL MEN. That's 1 of the 1st tips…but it seems that a lot of gay men like to mess with them. Idk why. If you got good self esteem, then you wouldn't.

    So once you get past that 1st step, then let me know…I will give the other tips. Lol

  8. I❤ Teyana Taylor's spirit💯 my type of woman or what I'd love in someone I'd call a friend…

  9. Whoever is just "realizing Trump is bad" is/was definitely delusional & was in total denial about his orange evil @$$ like real talk💯…

  10. It’s been awhile that I’ve enjoyed an entire album. Teyana’s new album is 🔥 I have listened to it everyday. Thank you! Needed this for where we are right now

  11. Jason talks about himself too much and he's not as interesting as he thinks.

  12. I definitely get her with the whole having patience & not knowing & trying to figure out your purpose in life & just having conversations with God/Universe. Love her! Glad she finally getting the recognition she deserves 👑❤️ & this album definitely tapped into all my emotions 😂😂 Friends was on replay for one whole day! & 69, boomin, ever ever & try again 😂 sheesh…love it 😫😂

  13. Jason is trying so hard to be messy but TT coming back with intelligence answers

  14. TT is so smart and beautiful ❤️❤️💫⭐❤️❤️💜💜🧡🧡💚💚💛💛💙💙❤️

  15. I love how yall exposed the EX. Kinda just shows y'alls realness. I hate peeps who leave that part out. And say naaa ima respect their privacy haha NO . Relationships should b public info, too many cheats and liars. And yass Jason I miss my ex but they gonna stay an ex. Good convo today

  16. I’m so proud of her like she’s family, from her relationship to her growing family 😍❤️ I wish nothing but the best for them.

  17. I love Teyana. Always so real, transparent, and protective give me Big Sis vibes🥰❤️

  18. I gotta say, it was nice to see the fellas a lil silly, for a change. Jason was in a good mood. Damage was a little hot/irritable. Kinda really loved that dynamic. Y’all killed this one.

  19. that ex was paid lol if you're shaking a purse on a man, he better be hot.

  20. Hell naw to the Ex…..for me. My EX better not or he is catching these hands.

  21. Damage is crazy as hell!!!!😫😖😣I would never ever ever ever ever share my toothbrush!!🤢🤮

  22. Jason you always find a way to bring yourself into the conversation. I haven’t listened in a long ass time, and you’re still talking over people.

  23. YOU BETTER SAY THAT TEYANA!!! Black women have not (and still don't) feel protected ESPECIALLY by our own men. I am over 50 and that is so sad yet BM don't get it. From experience, we have to be/fee/and be treated like nothing for them to feel like something.

  24. "The album is FIRE, for sure. There are a FEW joints on there that I like". 🤔

    I pick on this guy because he stands for nothing. He is not real. He has no real opinion; and if he does – you will not hear it. He is all teeth. Who are you? Really, who are you?

  25. I cried when I first heard Still, but now that I know why she cried on it, it might make me cry every time I hear it.

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