“Legendary Ladies of Hollywood”

Lillian Gish
Gloria Swanson
Carole Lombard
Greta Garbo
Marlene Dietrich
Jean Harlow
Gene Tierney
Vivien Leigh
Rita Hayworth
Lauren Bacall
Bette Davis
Joan Crawford
Barbara Stanwyck
Katherine Hepburn
Judy Garland
Frances Farmer
Lana Turner
Ingrid Bergman
Dorothy Dandridge
Grace Kelly
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
Ava Gardner
Elizabeth Taylor
Sophia Loren
Natalie Wood
Julie Christie
Barbra Streisand
Liza Minnelli
Diana Ross
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Angelina Jolie

Composed by Patrick Doyle for the soundtrack to the Robert Altman film “Gosford Park”.

(A Ruthless Re-edit)*

*with apologies to Debbie Reynolds, Jane Fonda, Cher, Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Hillary Swank, Charlize Theron, and so many more legendary ladies…
I’ll get you next time!


21 thoughts on “THAT FABULOUS FACE – Legendary Ladies of Hollywood

  1. 1. Dorothy Dandridge
    2. Ava Gardner
    3. Audrey Hepburn
    4. Marilyn Monroe
    5. Elizabeth Taylor

  2. Why not include Jane Fonda? She was part of the same era as Natalie Wood and just as beautiful.

  3. @dinarama1980 Right. I'm not sure why Liza Minnelli was included. She was or is not considered a beauty, not even by her own mother.

  4. You know what I loved about the women from Classic Hollywood? Not one of those women look the same. They all have different features that separate themselves from one another. The women today all look the same from their botox faces to the hairstyles the wear. They even have the same cheek implants and the same silicone lips. That's one thing that separates the women from Hollywood back then to now. Also they seem more private and handled themselves better in public than many stars of today.

  5. Can't believe you forgot Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland. Living legends they are. Loveliness they are. Talent they are.

  6. You got them all, well done. Classy and sexy at the same time. I cannot tell you what a service you did for an old dog like me to see the faces I remember from the movies and fell in love with.

  7. Nicely done. But isn't it amazing how the eye makeup on the more modern starlets looks ghastly as compared to the stars from the 40's and early 50's. Subtlety seems to have flown out the window in some instances. Still, a fascinating comparison of stars then and now. Thank you.

  8. divine. loved it. so happy you included Barbra.
    Marlene, Garbo, Crawford divine. Missed Hedy and Ann-Margret. But you got my two modern faves Pfieffer and Kidman.

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