17 thoughts on “The Association on Hollywood A Go Go

  1. like em way better with Larry Ramos I guess he was still with the Christy minstrels

  2. Wow! They sure were looking young here. I know it was lip-synched but I saw them live and believe me, they did a tremendous job and the sound was fantastic! RIP Larry & Brian.

  3. This song and all of the songs that are on the Association Live at the University of Utah double album is much better live than the studio version played here for them to lip sync to. The live album is my all time favorite Association album. I still have it from 1970. I also have the remastered cd as well. Did yall notice in this clip that this is before Larry Ramos joined the band? Great band from the 60's. I hate that I never got to see them in concert as the seven man band, before Brian died from the drug overdose. Love their sound and always will.

  4. It seems that the Garazzi dancers were a bit too enthusiastic during this song because she looked like she was getting ready to collide into The Association. 😂

    A great Dylan color that they made into their own!

  5. Never seen this clip before. Nice to see a 1965 performance from the group.

  6. The gal dancing in front of Kirkman and Alexander stirs something up in me … Wild thing, you make my heart sing, … 😮 )

  7. This was probably from one of the last "Hollywood A Go-Go" episodes, taped in early 1966.

    Later that year, The Association would have their first big hit, "Along Comes Mary".

  8. Fantastic group who never really got the coverage in the UK they deserved but listen to their music now – still brilliant and fresh!

  9. WOW I love The Association, wisha woulda heared them in England as a kid

  10. Association's debut single, released nearly the same time as the Beau Brummels'.

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