ITS A NO! But the best no you’ll ever hear on American Idol! Katy Perry, Luke Byran and Lionel Richie are impressed and offer Ryan Harmon some incredible advice!!


35 thoughts on “THE BEST NO! Judges Say No To Hollywood In American Idol 2020 Audition! Idols Global

  1. I believe the country singer judge is gonna help this guy get his start in Nashville. A lot of times they know they don’t need to g through this to be a success. My guess is he’s going to be fine.

  2. He should’ve been sent through, and I’m not a fan of country music.

  3. I'd like to hear a studio quality and arrangements rendition of that song so that I can jam to it because it's already quite amazing as it is.

  4. I hope like hell he is on his way to Nashville. They aren't wrong, his style screams Nashville. He will be on an album in no time. His song writing is quality too.

  5. He's between Chris stapleton and luck combs…I think luke told him to pretty much go move to nashville b/c he knows there are strings when doing american idol he might have thought he was better then american idol and go live the dream b/c u will be picked up.

  6. He wasn’t bad. Well written song. He will do something in music one day if he keeps at it. I made it in the music biz and it took time to perfect my craft before I got a record deal and got used to hear my voice being played on the radio. When I first started I was a joke to people and I cringe when I listen to my old tracks, but in the end the joke was on them. I left the biz on my terms because market for music changed. There will always be a market for country though. Keep at it bro.

  7. If this guy was more handsome he would have been a shoe-in. It's sad but it's true.

  8. Simon would've send the first guy through so would randy and paula do any one elese agree with the judges decisions.

  9. I thought he was way better than some of the people they sent through. I still can’t believe they said no to him. I love his song and hope to hear it on the radio real soon!!

  10. I really hope he goes to Nashville and succeeds. He seems like a good genuine country singer.

  11. Who cares who commented first! Why is everyone overlooking the fact that they didn’t send him to Hollywood? He was awesome! His original song was outstanding! I think it would have been a hit on the radio! Bring him back American Idol!
    It don’t make sense, some of the acts that went through to Hollywood were not very good. But you get someone that could be top 10 and you send him home? Did you already fill your country quota or what? 😞

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