If you want the best food in Hollywood, go to a strip mall. We’re hitting up our favorite strip mall restaurants and food trucks in the city. Our host Kris Yenbamroong starts off in East Hollywood with basturma in Little Armenia and spicy curry in Thai Town before sitting down to eat the freshest Peruvian ceviche with two of the best skaters around, Eric Koston and Erik Ellington.

And this is the MUNCHIES Guide to Hollywood, after all, so we’ve rented a star tours van to take Kris and his good friend Eric Wareheim to the best truck for Al Pastor tacos and late night Thai treats. The best food in Hollywood is usually in the most unassuming locations.

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47 thoughts on “The Best Strip Mall Food in Hollywood

  1. Hey guys try my DIY recipe for a quick shrimp dish. Corona is out eat at home loves 💕

  2. Erik Kostons 20 year old THPS character is how I recognized him. Then I checked the description.

  3. The asian dude does something that makes me go crazy at every Japanese or Chinese restaurant I visit…CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. there was some fried fish I used to grab in a lil spot in Ventura area that had the best tempur fish Ive ever had before or since whew California has some great food everywhere

  5. I grew up in LA for 20 years and I wish I was into food. I was more into clothes and fashion. I wish I was back home to try all the food places.

  6. Wow I’ve never seen Eric cooperate in an interview. What am I seeing?! SELL OUT!!!! Lol kidding good choice having him on

  7. This asian dude lost his culture….he doesnt know shit about his culture except American ….such an embarrassment…..

  8. California is the only state where you can have a meal from every country in the world

  9. Did anyone else notice the gonorrhea alert big huge sign behind them in the tour van ? After they passed by the movie premier spot ?

  10. How the heck do I sign up for this type of job?? Shooot who wouldn't want to get paid for traveling and eating. I have a minor in anthropology so it fits the resume hahaha

  11. Eating tacos on the street is actually the most Mexican thing you can do… maybe try to go to Sonora your mind will be blown

  12. The Armenian deli is totally using Turkish recipes. Basterma, cig kofte, soucuk, icli kofte, Turkish kahve and baklava is all Turkish in origin. I’m not mad at him serving Turkish food and calling it Armenian as long as the customers know that it’s Turkish in origin rather then Armenian.
    Bu ermeni adam deli acmis bastirma, sucuk, cig kofte, icli kofte, baklava be turk kahvesi satiyor ama ermeni yemekleri diye musterileri kandiriyor. Adam kayseri de buyumus kayseride basrirma sucuk cig kofte icli kofte ogrenmis onuda ermeni yemekleri diye cikariyor. Kizmiyorum satarsa satsin ama musteriler turk mutfagi oldunu bilsin o yeter. Onun icin boyle bisey gorunce seredenleri aydinlatmamiz lazim

  13. Armenian guy lots of history going on with his product. Kayseri is the home of Pastırma (Basturma) and Sucuk (Sojouk) in Turkey. Then he went to country of these meat products. No wonder his stuff is good

  14. Never heard of or seen these skaters just like he hasn't seen the hundreds of amazing mom and pop reastrunts out here in Phoenix and it is beyond diverse.

  15. Aight y’all salsa (music) ain’t from Mexico. Should’ve put some traditional Mexican music while getting them delicious tacos.

    Food for thought.

  16. Being a Peruvian person living in middle of nowhere Canada I have no access to good Peruvian restaurants but damn now I HAVE to go just for the strip mall food

  17. food out here is trash. i am an nyc native and lived here for the last three years and i can infact say it is trash. NO chinese food (more like a small nasty buffet) no general's tso chcken or fried chicken wings (NOT BUFFALO wings). No pizza. ONLY good pizza is Lemonica's in west LA. all there is here is, tacos, tacos, tacos, oh and tacos. I could literately make this 10 pages long of how bad the food is here, but why bother.

    LA is not a melting pot, it is an extension of mexico.

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