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For a handsome $1,000-a-day reward, the unemployed pacifist, Travis, decides to take part in a controversial two-week behavioural experiment that will attempt to simulate life within the prison walls. Now, inside a controlled environment, two hand-picked groups of twenty inmates and six guards must follow a simple set of basic rules, while high-tech cameras monitor the entire makeshift jail. However, devoid of their civil rights and their identities, the volunteers will soon find themselves dragged into a dangerous and volatile situation, as the sadistic warders begin to take extreme pleasure in enforcing their authority. Under those circumstances, Travis, or the rebellious Prisoner #77, will have to explore his limits. How long can he last?


30 thoughts on “The Experiment – FULL MOVIE – BEST HOLLYWOOD THRILLER

  1. Chimps with cell service, all of us. The psychology is more similar than different for all creatures. Nature can teach you everything.

  2. Damn..! Prisoner 77 couldn't just simply chill to follow some few rules for 14 days and pick up 14k… Americans feel too entitled ..

  3. It is a true reality in some prisons. Some correctional officers are more corrupt criminal and hateful than the prisoners. By saying this you still cannot trust a prisoner you never know what evilness is being construed and orchestrated in all directions. Exploitations creating criminal harm, orchestrating violent actions & carrying them out, sabotaging a person carrying out criminal personal actions to destroy, orchestrating rapes, orchestrating beatings, cover-up and not true safe legal advocacy to correct, to protect, and to help. Guards don't like another guard so the gang up and carry out orchestrated criminal harm and if another guard wants to speak up about it they threaten to harm the other guard badly. I know this to be true facts. They even brag about out in the open! They even get away threatening Serpico!!!

  4. "When you speak can you hear yourself"

    Everyone has a logical opinion every time they speak cause they don't hear themselves

  5. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Love this movie.
    0:40 💯🔥
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💟

  6. If this was based on race blacks would be prisoners for every experiment why because they love and trust others too easily.

  7. A bit of an extreme dramatization of the Stanford prison experiment. In this version somebody was killed and the killer walks with a check for 14,000? Waver signed or not That would not have gone down that way. In the real Stanford experiment the inmates wore long night shirts and nylon stockings, they were made to do push ups, forced to eat, locked in solitary confinement and in one case of disobedience had their mattresses and pillows taken from them. There was resistance from the inmates, there were disruptions in order and the guards did take certain measures that some would consider harsh, demeaning, and in some cases degrading, but no actual violence took place in the original experiment. The test proved a few things. 1:) Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 2:) When you cage a man and strip him of all dignity, he will eventually fight the order and 3:) None of us no matter how passive or peaceful are immune to these primal behaviors.

  8. Money/power Bitches thats what when you get the power of uniform.
    i would have killed that ugly faced nigga

  9. I cant see that people bully other people.. Angry as shit, but its just a movie..

  10. Loved the scene in the bathroom in which Whitaker's character realises how intoxicating power can be.

  11. Im not impressed , this is impossible to happen in my country, nobody will play this stupid game as serious as these people do, most likely all will end up drinking until the experiment expires , then everyone gets the money and bye bye experiment 😀 😀

  12. Human experimentation is forbidden by our democracy, and also forbidden by the UN charter of Rights for which all countries are signed on; so who conducts such unlawful experiments?

  13. I sincerely hope that this is not a true story, because who in their right mind would conduct such an experiment on human beings like that, sick little fucks behind the camera, and only one decent screw who they turned into a prisoner.

  14. decent, but why put a psychopath as guard in the first place? The only problem fear and weakness from guards to also let psychopath run as guard leader. It's like putting a tiger together with a mammal….but the rest of the guards or the prisoners if they changed role would not go as far as a psychopath

  15. One of the guards is same actor as the one playing Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings tv series.

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