We talk the latest Disney News the black hole forming in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, a void of space created by the Rivers of America in Disneyland, directly affecting the future layout of Hollywood Studios due to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Enjoy the video!

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Directed By: Brayden

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46 thoughts on “The Future Hollywood Studios BLACK HOLE! – Disney News Update

  1. If you're wondering where our epic-length Monorail Door Disney News Update is, we're going to make it the main focus on The Magic Weekly this Friday rather than a stand-alone video so we can talk about it in even more depth! Enjoy the video! ~Brayden

  2. Now that it's open, it turns out it is just a backstage street (and those are all over California Adventure). No big deal.

  3. Well i have some ideas. If they can maybe add a landing pad for the area and have a bunch of star fighters there. From a x-wing, a Y-wing to even a tie fighter. or they can have that weird base in return of the jedi on endor. or maybe they can make a star wars stunt show. this is for the black hole by the way

  4. Now that I am looking at this again you could be attraction space for toy story land that birm is pretty high and with the tree coverage that will be there you won't see a show building from galaxy edge and if you do well theme the back end and with that long exit quea for toy story mania easy connection cause I don't think you will see expansion over near the parking garage or cast eat spot for toy story land they are planning much bigger things for that whole area same with star wars and Indy. And yes folks Indy belongs to replace dino land and the ugly carnival Esiner though together back there like that dam hat at studios, Let it go dam progress not 2 steps back change is what Walt wanted not something time death and unattractive so quite the complaing and be dam happy the Disney God's are blessing up with new attractions even it is IP. WE ARE DISNEY DAMET SHOULD HAVE OUR IP. HAIL MICKEY

  5. Actually. I'm pretty sure they will make some use of it. That 'Black Hole' will most likely end up as some area thats an exclusive access area.

  6. I don't know about DHS but at Disneyland they've already identified a small area for possible future expansion (of Galaxy's Edge) so I'm wondering if this "black hole" is space for the same? It is unprecedented for Disney to create two lands, at two different parks, exactly the same. I'm not sure I buy your theory as why they are doing this though. I suspect it has more to do with saving costs than anything else.

  7. Can you talk about if they are gonna take out star tours and all that Star Wars stuff and put them in galaxy edge area

  8. Comparing it to the Cali "STGE" it seem logical and obvious the "Black Hole" you speak of will be a body of water…mirroring the Rivers of America to a large extent but perhaps only being a large lagoon.

  9. I dont think your explanation for both parks being the same makes sence. As it gives pepole in California no reason to ever go to Florida. Florida makes far more money due to the hotels. If diney was just trying to make the most money the obvious choice would be to make florida slightly better in every way. There are more parks. More things to do. Hotels are actully on property and they have far more gusts staying with them.

    I think the real reason is it saves money making them identical. The amount of money that goes into just the design alone of everything is crazy. Its millions of dollars saved. Furthermore creating 2 of everything is cheaper then creating 1 of 2 different things. It also makes maintenance cheaper. Fewer difrent part to produse for when things need to be fixed.

  10. I think after a year or so, they will do something, likely expanding star wars land. consider if you will Avatar Land, when it opened, the crowds were there, but now nearly a year later they hype has worn off the crowds are gone, and attendance is way down once more. I expect the same after say a year of Star wars land being open as well, and the Disney folks will start seriously looking at that area as a way to expand the land, and re-invigorate the attendance of the area.

  11. The reason they are identical is that it saves a ton of cost. They don't have to develop two different lands, and different attractions.

  12. Jeez bro you had me thinking the black whole was gonna take over the park and would break the ground and expand hahahhahahahhah!

  13. I imagine that it will become some sort of space used for employees. I can't really see it getting used for anything else since it's surrounded by Star Wars Land and various non-attractions.

  14. I feel like Disney might use the black hole as a character meet and greet area

  15. Longterm the "Black hole" is meant to be a Third Star Wars Ride.

  16. Honestly, if the show building of an attraction was placed in the location of the so called black hole, an enclosed queue for the ride could extend down the soon to be closed Pixar place area, either attached to the Great Movie Ride building or to the Toy Story Mania Building. I see it as likely that it will eventually be used for a Star Wars expansion, though

  17. What I think will end up happening is the blackhole will become a backstage area and Pixar place will probably re-open but the entrance to toy story mania will be gone. It will probably end up as a meet and greet area or something small.

  18. It's actually true. As of 2019 construction will begin on an actual blackhole in the middle of Hollywood studios. This is against every world leader and nation but Disney has decided to push forward on this as they say "something's have to be done".

  19. Whats up Brayden! Would be cool if they used the spot as an station from the Star Wars hotel direct transportation to Galaxy's Edge.

  20. The addition of the Star Wars Hotel is contrary to your supposition of Disney following a new business model concerning Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. The Star Wars Hotel is being built only at Walt Disney World Resort, adjacent to Disney's Hollywood Studios with no plans announced for a second hotel to be constructed at Disneyland Resort in California. The hotel will have direct access to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge which will play a part in its fully immersive vacation package. Therefore, it seems Walt Disney World will have the superior Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, especially when it comes to attracting those guys who can afford to stay at the Star Wars Hotel.

  21. That was always my pet peeve for Galaxy's Edge since the beginning. When I first heard about both lands were coming to both WDW and DL I originally thought they would be two different lands. At least have Galaxy's Edge at WDW and call DL a different section of the Star Wars Universe with different attractions and theme. A bit disappointing but it will not stop me from visiting both coasts. Who knows maybe in time they will separate themselves with differences depending on how well they do for which I know for sure that they will be a tremendous hit!

  22. When they say attendances are falling I'm always bemused as it feels like it gets busier on every visit, especially as I have always gone when crowds are traditionally low, I went in early September and lines were as long as when crowds are traditionally higher. It may have been because Pandora had recently opened, but, who knows.

  23. Isn't there going to be a Star Wars Hotel in WDW? That will make WDW different, and possibly perceived to be better? I have not heard of a SW Hotel going in Disneyland, did I miss that? Perhaps that Black Hole is where they will put said hotel.

  24. you need space for cast members and never think there is enough BACK STAGE space-they fill it quickly-for instance there is no handicap accessible Cast member break room in Frontierland-you instead sit outside with no AC in the summer with the smokers-not wonderful. As lone as Disney is corporate think they will do things on the cheap

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