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About Robert Meyer Burnett:
Best known for directing, co-writing and editing the award-winning cult favorite feature film FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and Eric McCormack, Rob Burnett offers his own unique perspective on the entertainment industry in his daily “Robservations” video blogs.

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The Burnettwork is a YouTube destination that features a variety of channels and shows. Rob’s personal observations on what he calls “the Post-Geek Singularity” are shared in his Robservations video blogs – free-flowing, streaming conversations with fans about everything from toys to comics to movies and television. Rob brings an interesting perspective to the world of genre entertainment that’s definitely “big picture” stuff.

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  1. "Space Battle Pornography" Is that an anime sub-genre that I have somehow missed?

  2. T-shirt is ok… but one day you’re gonna be walking in the park and some dude is gonna be like “yo, take that shirt off, ese” and you’ll be like “wut?” and other dude be like “that’s racist, gringo loco” and you’ll be like “this is America, bruh!” Dudes starts recording your ass and you’ll be like “hey, stop recording me or I’ll call da police, yo! Are you even LEGAL? STOP!!! call 911 ‘Please send help, there’s an illegal alien threatening me, he wants to stab meee” things escalate quickly and you’re gonna be all over the news for being white AF! My point is… don’t wear that T-shirt.

  3. Wear the bloody shirt. The new generation of people are looking for things that they can view as offensive or oppressive, so it is a good bet that someone will get offended. I am convinced the vast majority don't think it is offensive and you don't mean to offend, that is what should matter otherwise your whole life will be controlled by the trendy people who are offended by everything and feel oppressed when you discuss, think or feel something they don't like, and then cry about it on social media.

  4. That is a good question Rob. As a person of Latino decent, I would say don't walk around town wearing that shirt Rob. As for your show, you could wear it, for Campea's show – he might say; "Hey Rob, uh…, you might want to put a jacket over that before we start my show. 🤗 It reminds me of the time I saw the Canadian band Slant Eyed Mama live! A great band with two women of Asian decent whose songs go the gambit of social commentary. After the show, I enjoyed it so much as it made me think – that I bought their album and a shirt. The shirt was written with "Asian slurs" all over it; like the lyrics of their album. I never thought of wearing that shirt – I bought it small for my girlfriend friend at the time, and sent it to her with the album intending for us to "bond" more with one another, sorta my way of saying; "I see the plight you go through and likely went through growing up, and although I will never truly understand it – I respect that you have and continue to endure it!" That was my intention Rob! When she received it and saw the shirt; she was P O'ed at me! And nearly broke up with me, until I begged her forgiveness and attempted to explain why I sent such a "hateful" shirt…., just thought I would share that experience. 😪

  5. As cool as the UE5 may look, from a gameplay standpoint in what was shown it´s just your typical standard affair. Been there, done that.

  6. @Willow Yang, some of the technobabble in Trek isn't always so bad. They mention stuff like "phase descriminators" and "impulse response filters" which are real things plausibly mentioned in the context which they are used. OK, it's usually pretty bad. Have you watched DS9 "The Muse" yet? I need your review on that one.

  7. Don't lie or mislead with gimmicks like ''director's cut'' or ''extra-cut''. Not only do you make a mockery of the art form, but you ruin the experience and destroy all trust . Looking @ you WB

  8. If I pay $15 a ticket, the film should be complete in it's theatrical release.

  9. Cant speak for Mexicans but dont see a good reason why it shouldnt be able to wear it. Its a cool Tshirt!! Rock it !!

  10. Marvel Studios revolutionized the industry. Now all the studios aim to have the same level of success as the MCU. Many studios have rushed and failed like WB and their disastrous Dceu or Universal and their DoA Monster U.

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