The Great Movie Ride is a guided vehicle dark ride located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, which takes guests through scenes from famous films throughout motion picture history. Take a complete experience ride on this classic Disney ride which is located inside a recreation of the The Chinese Theatre, a famous Hollywood landmark.

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28 thoughts on “The Great Movie Ride Complete Experience – Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

  1. Just The Wizard of Oz section of this ride was a hundred times better than that new lame railway ride. This was just another cost cut strategy from Disney, they replaced this great ride that I'm sure required a lot of upkeep with a cheap ride that is mostly screens, projections and a couple of cheap animatronics with those weird projected faces. Notice how they keep doing entertainment cuts while raising ticket prices? Matsuriza and British revolution at Epcot are the latest victims. Disney is sadly slowly, or should I say rapidly losing the value for the money.

  2. We had to get rid of this ride because of Casey Anthony. She and others were all going to reenact something in this ride and say I don't orchestrate events and sheets and timelines. Thank Brett Scallions "the culprit" and his hitch!

  3. Man I really miss this ride. I still haven’t watched a full POV of the ride since it closed because it hurts too much and makes me really upset. Im watching pieces of this video and even that’s making me sad so yeah lol.

  4. Thank you for the video, this is the only way we can experience this magnificent work of art now.

  5. I can't believe they replaced this great ride with that Mickey Mouse ride! Shame on Disney .

  6. Runaway Railway looks terrible. Great Movie Ride will always have a special place in my heart

  7. I just found out one of my favorite childhood Disney rides was shuttered. Very sad. 🙁

  8. There are also two possible scenarios for the actor on stage. It’s either the mobster taking control of the vehicle or a bandit which means a right or left track switch not that it will change much just which scene you will see next and the dialogue of the driver. It’s a 50-50 shot of getting one. I kept getting the bandit for some reason.

  9. There is nothing left from this ride. Maybe one date sign that’s it. Everything was taken out for the runaway railway. It’s crazy what they did and it looks seamless. The track was taken out and replaced with trackless and the vehicles are smaller. The animatronics are the projected type but not quite A-1000. It’s so different now. It all looks really good although you can’t tell what is a screen and what is animatronic or even what are props because it blends so well together especially due to the rubber hose look of the whole ride.

  10. Sad to see this close but looking forward to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway in a couple of weeks

  11. Ugh I always looked forward to seeing this!!! Why they got rid of it have no idea!

  12. I heard a rumour that they used change the alien around at times so if you been on it before you wouldn’t know where it would come from dont know if ture if anyone knows?

  13. I’m sad that this ride closed but as a kid I was traumatized at the Alien part!

  14. I rember the ride got stuck for me at the alien part and there was just a alien staring at me

  15. I’m sorry, but a Mickey Mouse kiddie ride was NOT worth closing this ride. Hollywood Studios has a major identity crisis right now. There’s no coherent theme anymore since they’re trying to get rid of any remnants of the park’s original theme/purpose

  16. Shit, I went for the first time to Disney and this ride like 2 weeks before they closed it. What a lucky i was for having had the experience.

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