The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm – Full Horror Movie – Best Hollywood Movie

Can the soul of a killer linger forever? Filmmaker Dan T. Hall explores macabre shadows of the past as he documents the haunting of the infamous Fox Hollow Farm estate, former home of alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister. The paranormal documentary The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm. In the early 1990s, Baumeister, a local business owner and family man, bought a quiet estate just north of Indianapolis on contract. Although never brought to trial, he was the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of a number of individuals from the Midwest spanning two decades. In 1996, authorities recovered more than 5,000 human bone fragments on the property from as many as 17 victims. Only five were positively identified. It’s believed that most of the victims were murdered in and around the home’s indoor pool. Current residents and visitors to the property have reported unsettling feelings, unexplainable noises, and even seeing apparitions inside the house and around the grounds. Hoping to document some of what they’ve been experiencing, Hall filmed a paranormal investigation team, including psychics, a demonologist, EVP and visual specialists, as they investigated the 18-acre estate over a six-month period. The paranormal investigators appearing include Chris Lein and Savahanna Wise (Paranormal State: The New Class, 2011); Marilene Isaacs, (Ghost Stories, 2010) Michelle Huff, Shannon Weides, Duane Datzman, Mike McDowell (Unmasking the Dead, 2009); and Tracy Bacon (The Possessed, 2009).


10 thoughts on “The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm – Full Horror Movie – Best Hollywood Movie

  1. Do you see it?! I see it! I see it! Where?! Right there?! Reminded me of the story, The Emperor's New Clothes!

  2. Anyone else enjoy watching the Body Farm? Documentary, not movie. Faces of Death is my favourite collection, all 4 parts. Documentary, not movie too. Otis Jiry is my fav audio horror story narrator, my bedtime stories.


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  5. I wish that every skeptics would watch this…maybe few of them might become a believers.

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