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Rose McGowan is an activist, author and director.

After an acting career in Hollywood that spanned two decades, she went public with allegations of abuse against Harvey Weinstein.

This became central in exposing systemic harassment in the entertainment industry, that shook the world and led to the #MeToo movement.

Her book BRAVE chronicles her journey from childhood to Hollywood, and her mission to reclaim her life, and encourage people to question the power structures around them.

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22 thoughts on “THE HIDDEN RULES OF HOLLYWOOD – Rose McGowan | London Real

  1. Why was she silent all these years if she had been abused? Why didn't she leave the first time it happened? She just wants publicity and profits since she is nolonger Holywood material. She is equally responsible for perpetrating that abuse ,she speaks up now because she doesn't benefit from it anymore.

  2. She displays the Luciferian hand Steeple….this is not by chance. Signalling to her peers that she is arrogantly displaying her duplicity.

  3. Why does she look so different it's like 2 different people from back in the day.

  4. It’s so weird how these women go along with it until they are broke or to ugly to cast them they turn on the industry.

  5. I have stopped watching Hollywood a long time ago and i have been a journalist.

  6. I'm starting to believe that almost everything in America is scripted, from the OJ trial, to 911 to the Presidential elections. its all been planned out and us real citizens are just apart of the script that we have no idea we're in

  7. She was screwed up long before Hollywood. Former sex cult member. ''The Children of God'' Also & Joaquin Phoenix family.

  8. The Prey

    Can you hear the cries of the innocent.
    Their blood calls out to me.
    These crimes are covered up by the government.
    Keep it in the family.

    Symbols and imagery. Unholy mockery.
    Ritualistic firelight.
    The practice of sorcery. Perverted Dichotomy.
    A sacred rite.

    Carry out the master's plan.
    Your initiation.
    Let the blood drop from your hand.
    Speak the invocation.

    Prepare the altar. Put on your gown.
    Bring in the sacrifice. Gather around.
    Eyes scream in fear, but there's no sound.
    Slice the virgin's jugular, and watch her drown.
    We're in this together so don't say a word.
    There are no loose ends, as I'm sure you have heard.
    There is no turning back you see.
    If I go down, you're coming with me.

    The killing is done now go strip off your robes.
    Gather the blood and grind up the bones.
    A secret concoction. Drink from the flask.
    The private auction of youth in a glass.

    Pray to the master for fortune and fame.
    The blood of the children will please us again.
    Tear the hymen, rip apart their flesh.
    Feast on their terror. Scare them to death.
    Mix up the recipe of semen and blood.
    The Legion of demons come in like a flood.
    Possessing those willing. Enact the plan.
    Wage war on the living. Destroy the I Am.

    Desensitize them.
    Take God from inside them.
    Sell them a lie, when they die
    He'll deny them.

    We'll infiltrate to propagate.
    Exonerate the crime and hate.
    Before a corrupt magistrate.
    Deny that there's a 'pizza-gate'.
    Proliferate the plan at stake,
    Repeat the lie, they'll take the bait.
    Assimilate or we'll eliminate.
    They're born to die. That is their fate.

    Digging up bones. At Yale for a while.
    To the Bohemian Grove and Epstein's Isle.
    Kill them slowly and eat 'em with a smile.
    We should put all of our world leaders on trial.

    To those that have been murdered, and it wasn't suicide.
    I know it's just a cover up, The media that lied.
    I know Cornell and Bennington were on the children's side.
    I can see the body count that the Clinton's left behind.

    A movement has begun. Stand up for what is right.
    We need the right to arm ourselves so we can sleep at night.
    Boycott Hollywierd. Disney engineered.
    Planned Parenthood, and  C.P.S.
    The chemicals that turn us queer.
    Turn off the frequency.
    It's killing you and me.
    Genetic alteration, designed for the elite.

    How many eyes will turn away.
    This travesty that exists today.
    We, the people need to make them pay.
    We will no longer stay…
    The prey.

    Written by: Michael Taylor
                         March 30th, 2020

  9. I feel bad. It seems like its not a big deal til they fall. Most everything but their fall is voluntary. What did she expect for her role in it?

  10. She did something to anger the handler or above the handler because of her hair. When the celebrities go against the rules they need to be punished and her hair like that is punishment . You'll see many celebrities like this. Kanye West, Katy Perry , and others had their hair like that❗

  11. So she was uncomfortable wearing only belt for a photo shoot but when she wore her VMA dress that was 'iconic'

    I am confusion

  12. I need to check out this full interview. I wonder if she talks about Marilyn Manson since she was married to him or dated him at one point..

  13. Yeah, ppl seem 2 b aware of this happening but still doesn't seem 2 stop ppl wanting that Hollywood life style. 🤔 🎬💵💱🗽🤢🤭🤫 (💩🧻)

  14. Stand against the elite, torrent off pirate bay.

    If you wanna waste time with unoriginal film that is.

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