Lot’s of information dropping today! Disney is putting Bob Iger back into the CEO position. The Last of Us 2 appears to be going full W0KE, celebrity culture is crashing, and the MLB is coming back!

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46 thoughts on “The Hollywood collapse continues! The entertainment industry is running out of money!

  1. While it's sad that the economy is suffering, it's also great that this pandemic is single-handedly removing all the news, entertainment, and other media outlets that have been problematic in the past for the general public as a whole. I hope we can all come out the other side as a stronger society. But that's just wishful thinking.

  2. “Baseball coming back”

    That’s something nice to hear. An old American pastime coming back. 🙂

  3. I hope none of it comes back. Close down Disney in Cal. And Fla. no more pedovores. So incredibly sick of famous people.

  4. Btw, CBS is literally selling all the old cars in their motor pool on Craigslist.

  5. Celebrities are nothing more than overpaid professional liars. How does anybody not understand that?

  6. Well that’s what you get for trying to shove the PC culture down the viewers throats instead of good old acting and entertainment. Started with that moron DeNiro and never stopped

  7. Calling Hollywood part of the "entertainment" industry is a bit of a stretch. Watching them collapse, right now, is the only real entertainment they've provided in the past several decades.

  8. the guy that plays flash is just as bad as the new guy they picked to play batman Edward something..what were they thinking when they cast these 2 characters…

  9. Picard was a way for patrick Stewart to push his own political agenda about brexit..that was his only motivation for doing it..

  10. its funny how celebs are turning on themselves now..its like a momma lion turning on her cubs and eating them..thats hollywood right now..let them burn…but alot of them are so rich..if they never made another movie financially they will be just fine..

  11. Baseball needs to go out of business, too.

    Basketball and NFL, too.

    No difference with those infected people stuck in cruise ships you got a mass of people in close quarters with each other at these sport events?

    ChinApocalypse Wuhanlabvirus Now

  12. i got a star trek game ad before this video and have star trek ads on the side of vid

  13. Bob Iger can't save anything and the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak is showing it.
    They bought too much and now, hopefully, it comes all crashing down hard.

  14. Disney In Name Only Corporation, Hollywood and any WOKE businesses and individuals needs to go out of business permanently.


    Disney Corporation needs to be out of business permanently.


    ChinApocalypse Now Wuhanvirus

  15. Entertainment is crumbling because diversity hires have replaced all the blacklisted talent.

  16. With the collapse of legacy media, maybe someone will do like Ted Turner did back in the day. He bought a collection and started the TCM network to share them with the world, impressive at the time.

    Someone else needs to do that so old movies are kept uncensored and available to all.

  17. Are Thies Stuppid Celebertys Serious i sware to god that they dont understand Consenquises to their actions of what they do and they are being Monitered all the time as well as their Carriers i get so pissed at people are thinking its good that this corna virus is happing because this media needs a reeboot my good
    Sorry For My Spelling to all thoughs who care about it

  18. you do know most hollywood celebrities and actors still have millions in the bank right?

  19. I follow very few celebrities a majority of them are fake and trash. So sick of celebrities acting like they can relate to us.

  20. Aww glossy magazines selling overpriced trash no one really needs and celebrates celebrity culture are struggling. Awww. Switch to matte paper so we can use it for what its worth; ass wiper.

  21. Celebrities; We hate you. We tolerate your movies to fill in a rare dull moment, but we hate you.

  22. Bob: "I'm back!"
    everyone: "we all knew full well that you were never actually gone. We all saw you lurking in the corner"

  23. Star wars IP has it's own worth, if a good movie or series came out everyone would watch it.

  24. Wait Viacom is going to sell Star Trek? If that turns out to be true. Wouldn't it be a hoot if a few thousand Trekers Trekies and fans got together and bought the rights? … Wonder if we could buy Star wars out from under Disney too? Say 10,000 fans chip in a hundred bucks or so and buy Star Trek. Sell the rights to show Trek streaming to N Flix for a song as long as they develop new shows that meet or exceed fan approval standards. It could work. Hire Youtube personalities for $20 a free meal and all the Black Rifle coffee we can get our hands on to do the acting editing and directing. Doomcock could be an admiral I think you'd be the star ship captain. Get Benny from Comicstorian for the security officer. Get the lady that played Princess Peach in Beatdownboogie's Mario Warfair ( I am sorry I don't know her name) For … NO Wait make her the security officer and Benny can be the engineer. Nerdrotic can be a Klingon. Why? Because Klingons need strong beards! OK ok I'll stop now but I had such fun coming up with this slightly corny but somewhat plausible idea.

  25. they were in serious trouble when people had money to spend; you think people will pay to be lectured to by bigoted millionaire meat puppets?? naaah

  26. hearing celebrities say they feel like they're in prison. Hmm…a million dollar mansion with pools and 7 bedrooms 4 bathrooms when every day normal Americans citizens live in 100 to 300 square foot apartments and these millionaires are feeling trapped like its prison? Wow…

  27. Stop giving these celebrities, musicians, athletes etc your time, money and attention. Find real interests and hobbies and indulge in them, you and the world will be a better place as a result.

  28. This is wonderful. I love watching this because they all thought they'd be up top forever. Lol

  29. They are so unoriginal they are stealing from other youtube channels.

  30. A glorious conflagration to purge these egregious narcissists and “influencers”! It is time they faded into oblivion!

  31. Imagine there's no movies. It's a easy if you try. No music below us. Above us only sky.

  32. Watching Hollywood collapse is the best thing during this stupid coronavirus scare.

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