Taped in October 1972 with Michael Landon, Lee Grant, Redd Foxx, Vincent Price, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Mel Brooks, Linda Day George, and Paul Lynde.


33 thoughts on “The Hollywood Squares (1972)

  1. I was 12 in 1972 and this show brings back great memories. It's amazing how our attention spans were more focused then compared to today. !

  2. At 13:51, what did the female contestant say since __ isn't here, I'll take Wally Cox? I couldn't catch that after replaying many times lol…

  3. That organ as a prize, WOW. I remember when my cousin took piano lessons and her neighbor took organ lessons (mid70ds) as 10 yr old girls. I begged my mom to do it. She was like first we can't afford it and second we don't have a piano, or an organ. I as a smart ass 9 yr old ask "what does that have to do with it?"

  4. Fantastic show. For the times. I watched almost every day for years. Mostly for Paul lynde. He was a gem

  5. After reading so many of the comments, it's very easy to tell when the later ones (i.e., since around 2016 or so) were written, even without checking the dates. People were a lot kinder in their criticism earlier on. This really emphasizes the way society has gone downhill in the last few years. It's a very sad reflection on today's world.

  6. Wow a brand new Vega.o,yeah! I did win didn't I ,just checking,what would I win if I lost? A Corsair ?

  7. michael landon was just the opposite of who he betrayed on little house on the prairie.

  8. There were so many great stars on this show. Mel Brooks and Vincent Price were awesome.

  9. Red screwed that guy, on the secret square. Red acted like he had no idea. So the guy figured there was only a one in three chance that he would be right.

  10. Of course Karen (on the right) changed her name to Tammy Faye and got married and then got religion…

  11. Loved this show always made me laugh still does when I rewatch it on You Tube !! Paul Lynde was so dang funny ! He always had some funny remarks answers !

  12. Why can't we have good shows like this anymore? Just good fun from the stars, with no politics…

  13. Was that female contestant really that stupid? OMG most of those people are dead now.

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