“Who were the Hollywood Ten? This 1950 documentary gives us a closer look at the ten blacklisted film writers and directors who defied the government and the sentiments of their day by refusing to testify during the HUAC anti-Communist hearings. John Berry, who directed the documentary, was blacklisted himself upon its release.” (Ironweed Films)


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  1. Founding Fathers: Freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of political thought.
    Person: I’m a communist.
    U.S. Government: ARREST THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. left or right or whatever..the ones with something to lose when people care about others and may like to point it out…sad.

  3. You can believe what you want,as long as your viewpoints coincide with the reigning government.
    I doubt this will serve much comfort for the former prisoners and their families-but Senator Joseph McCarthy and his chief legal officer Roy Cohn both died horrible deaths.McCarthy died from syphilus related insanity and Cohn died of AIDS.
    The old saying-“What goes around,comes around”,comes to mind.

  4. The Communist Party was a gang of traitors loyal to the Communist dictatorship of Stalin with the explicit intention of bringing the entire world under Communist slavery and the overthrow of the US government.

  5. What is missing is the federal statute to which these Communist subversives were subject. First understand the Communism is not a political party…. Its a government formed upon the doctrine of the philosopha…. In Hegel's version of that doctrine, the State is held as the supreme being who owns and possess all things. Many Communist dictators are viewed by the people as gods… The Hollywood 10 (and current Hollywood actors etc) were involved in ideological subversion via their film works and screen writing….. The Federal statute which the Communist subversives were subject is 18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracy.

  6. 6 Out of the 10 were Jews. Skillful tricksters and propagandists from medieval times and beyond. This episode was but a minor set-back in their ongoing plan to destroy Western European culture. Jews hate Christianity even more than they hate Islam because Christianity is more of a challenge to them than primitive Islamic culture and religion. They are still active today in the same fields that carry the most powerful tools of mass propaganda and subversion: Movies/entertainment/mass media,judiciary, pornography, politics, the press, education, government, finance…all chock full of the "chosen people"…And every time they are caught they scream BIAS! PERSECUTION! PREJUDICE! without fail, and off to court they go… and their counterparts always decide in their favor, WHY? Because they run the courts!

  7. The Hollywood 10, served federal prison time for contempt of congress….. not for being a communist. Many people miss that point. What is additionally not remembered in relationship to this film is the timing. America and its allies were involved in a cold war with the communist USSR and its allies. The hunt for communist subversives who were out to use all means at their disposal to overthrow America was part of that cold war. America had just walked away from WWII and its intelligence capabilities were still operational and very effective…… It would lead ultimately to the Cuban Missile Crisis, where Russia sent Nuclear missiles to Cuba to threaten the United States…. Therefore, Communist subversives were sought out in every quarter which they were given… many of which were aligned to the motion picture industry…. Eventually the Waldorf Statement was released by Hollywood industry management, in which they denounced Communism and the hiring of Communist subversives, considered influenced by the USSR….. Most people commenting here are too young to understand the complete picture, especially using the backdrop of the cold war………

  8. Thanks for posting. A very ugly period in US history – US is just one long history of barbarism.

  9. This is easily misconstrued without the background of why they were blacklisted,
    but it's too late in any case, the US and all nations sovereignty is being destroyed
    for the one world government under the UN. Myron Fagan didn't get heard Council of
    Foreign affairs, Bilderberger, Club of Rome, they run this country which the Brits & their bankers own.

  10. They were lucky they were treated as well as they were. If they had been in their Soviet paradise they would have been sent to a gulag. Therefore, they had to be protected from themselves.

  11. …..This is an incredible piece of propaganda…Unbelievable that they actually made a film, with professional actors mimicking the so-called, “prosecutors,” with each accused man making his case to the public (all professionally written and produced, by these gifted writers, themselves)…Damn ….(How many accused get this kind of expensive, over-the-top publicity)? …..

  12. A guild movie to prevent disinformation about the Hollywood 10 – great idea. I think one — possibly Dalton Trumbo — defended himself with the First Amendment, you know Freedom of Speech and by close extension thought.

  13. Reading some comments, I can understand why the USA is the most modern and the most medieval nation of this world. At the same time. Not so good news really.

  14. Judging from many of the comments below… As with just about any topic above the comprehension of your average third grader, it appears that there's a great deal of confusion and ignorance concerning this bit of history among those who pimp hatred, violence and thinking with one's adrenals as "values," i.e., the toxic right wing nut job tyrannical minority that through gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement and an outdated and corrupt electoral college system, gifted us with a Bloviating Bag of Ass Wind as the Chief Executive.

    The fact is that it is not, nor has it ever been illegal to call oneself a Communist in our representative democracy. The Supreme Court confirmed this in 1967 – years after the lunatics on the HUAC had done so much damage. See United States v. Robel. Of course with Chipmunk Cheeks Fratboy KKKavanagh on the bench, that ruling will probably be reversed, as soon as they tear apart Roe v. Wade, Brown vs. Board of Education and Dred Scott v.Sandford.

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