Celebrity Actors Controversial Journey And Challenges In Hollywood
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Some actors make their careers look easy, but more often than not, they’re anything but. Some celebrities claim they always knew they were meant to perform, but others got started because of very surprising reasons. Emily Blunt suffered from a stutter so severe it wouldn’t respond to therapy. It was completely debilitating until she discovered the world of acting. We’ll share some other shocking journeys to stardom, including what traumatized Will Smith at age 15 and made him decide to become a star. Then there are actors who have caused controversy because of their portrayals of certain characters such as Zac Efron and Penn Badgley. We’ll also talk about celebrities like Brie Larson who have caused massive backlash which threatened the success of their films.

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35 thoughts on “The Messed Up Reality of Being a Hollywood Actor

  1. zac efron portrayed bundy in the way he actually was, at least according to anyone who knew him and has talked about it

  2. They're ACTORS. No role should be off limits regardless of one's immutable characteristics.

  3. So what about hanz Christensen little mermaid? The live action with Disney is going to have Ariel being portrayed as a African American actress. Wtf is up with that? You can’t have it both ways ppl.

  4. If people don’t like something they don’t have to go see it. There is far too much complaining about everything.

  5. What I have heard about the Ted Bundy story. He was actually a charmer. Not only to women but to people in general.

  6. shows brilliance can stay hidden until its ready to unleash. I keeping hearing of a lot of celebrities being dyslexic too

  7. People should stop getting upset about everything. Uf u don't like it a movie then don't watch it!

  8. I like that after moving on from talking about Will Smith and going into talking about Christian Bale, the narrator says "it's not unusual" and I immediately thought of the fresh prince of bel air 😂😂

  9. Why do actors/actresses crap all over the thing that made them very famous. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, the thing that has given you keys that opened a lot of doors to your career

  10. it is unbelievable how people think, has everything got to be so pc correct, heres a thought, just sit back and enjoy the movie, i know having fun is a no no now adays, but for heavens sake its gone beyond a joke now.

  11. The what actually was talking about is just a stupid excuse , she said what she was thinking.

  12. zak has the same right as miley to choose the roles and live the life he wants

  13. It seems to be all about the money. Studio's pouring massive amounts into a film are not gonna hire someone relatively unknown to the public, they are hoping the actors they do pick have enough of a brand name and image to invite the larger audience.

  14. Why does everybody get butthurt over movies like every movie is suppose to mean something . who gives a shiit if someone can pull off what others don't have the guts to step up

  15. It"s just make believe so what whos who and what white roles or transgender roles or english or french . IT"S Make BELIEVE .

  16. Acording to this we have to call true junkie to act as a junkie, 'cause there are a lot of junkies struggling to get roles. I'm not saying that junkies are equal to trans people, don't get me wrong, a great friend of mine is trans, and i have huge respect for trans people. What 'm trying to say is- that's ACTING, illusion. people need to relax a little bit with all that political correctness. And this is said by an lgbtiq activist who is also an actress.

  17. To cast someone solely on race or what sex they like or what they identify as would be a bad move

  18. But I love Zac in the Ted Bundy film. Like he was known as the most charming serial killer and which is why he was so trusted. But I've never seen any negatives. Also Joe is great because there are people out there honestly he's showing what are dangerous signs and how you should protect yourself

  19. Mark Wahlberg wasn't in NKOB that was his brother Donny Wahlberg who is now in the TV show Blue Bloods… they look very alike then but they are brothers 2 yrs apart in age

  20. I stopped watching after Transformers. If the Director is a tyrant on set and lacks social skills off it, well tough shit for him about the honest opinion. It is okay to be socially awkward but NOT to be a tyrant. Its okay for employees to give their opinion whether he feels it true or not. It is NEVER okay for the authority figure to fire the actor for being honest. He should've just gave his opinion too or not, and stopped there.

    I didn't appreciate the narration after the making up. Lets be real, the female actor needed work back and I am sure director's slander travel far. It has nothing to do with being mature.

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