Check out my 2nd channel – Daily Vlog Channel – PLEASE SUBSCRIBE – Beverly Hills is home to the former home of Liza and Vincente Minnelli . An empty mansion with a back story long enough to fill a Hollywood script .


36 thoughts on “The Minnelli Mansion – ABANDONED – Sad Hollywood Story

  1. This video is terrible, maybe take a course on how to video so people can enjoy it. Move around so fast it was making me dizzy. I had to stop watching it. Zooming in on objects that nobody really cares to see, they want to see the house not the ground. I definitely won’t be watching anymore of your videos.

  2. First video ive seen on this channel….. had to pause after the intro song cuz i was laughing so hard

  3. adam. if u were ever to visit an abandoned celebrity home again. Hit the Live button and whip out a Ouija board . :p


  5. Seems pretty disrespectful way to remember one of Hollywood’s greats by tromping through the remains of a once great home and lamely trying to be funny. This is a man who produced family friendly movies and musicals, who actually helped develop good entertainment that left people feeling good about the,selves. You two, on the other hand, need to step back and respect some of the greats who came before you.

  6. What a waste. This house has had more damage to vandalism than time going by.
    This home could have been used by a non-profit, shelter, animal rescue, etc.
    Unbelievable waste.

  7. Vincente Minnelli should never have left the house to Liza Minnelli without making provisions for his current wife himself. Vincent Minnelli should have left the house to his wife or to Liza, BUT made provisions for his wife himself. He could have very easily purchased a different house/property in his wife's name while he was alive & used it as a rental so that income was coming in & go directly to the wife's account & that she could move in to that home, sell it or keep renting it out at the time of his death, whatever she chose to do.
    What kind of marriage was that? His last wife was at his mercy.
    That was unkind & certainly not loving. Blood related family can be quite cruel to each-other, let alone a relative by marriage.
    Vincent Minnelli literally put his daughter/Liza & wife in a very challenging position which was badly done.
    There were no winners with all the feuding between Liza & the widow of V. Minnelli. Liza did not live there, but she wanted the last wife of her father out??? So Liza cut of utilities? Unkind again. What was the point? Liza did not need the money. Even if the widow was Cruella DiVille, what happened to humanity or a sense of reason by Liza?
    So now it sits, abandoned after all that feuding. What a waste of time, life, unkindness, thoughtlessness & compassion.

  8. Not only this place but every place that people enter and destoy i would like to enter this peoples home and do the same thing,,detroy it…only for that reason its abaondoned there is no reason to ruin and destroy that place…To you who do like this did your parents teach you to act like this…to you who do this what if was your home? would you like that? even its abandoned it does not say pleace enter and destroy..If you enter and look arround thats one thing but to destroy show what or who you are….No respect to others property even its abandoned… gives you no right to enter or destroy…Adam do ever never force him in to places thats locked and he does not destory or do graffiti ect…..think about it this home could be renovated and sold even not so it could be left like it is as a memory…..You that destroy and think its funny think again next time it could be your home or a burgeler some one who brakes in a steal your things….is your home a garbage place? a place any one can enter and do what ever they want to? No? …..its sad what ever house or building thats abandoned leave it alone ok explore but no destruction or graffiti….it makes me angry ….and yes i know about my speling im not native in English..

  9. Hey learn to use a camera! many of your videos look promising as a thumbnail great subjects but your lack of camera skills make all your posts unwatchable to at least 75% of your viewers! wouldn't you like 75% more likes and positive comments? then take a course in how to operate a camera properly. I don't know where you get swinging a camera around wildly and out of focus half the time is somehow cutting edge, cool and edgy? It's not its annoying and I won't watch this channel again.

  10. Now I’ll have to google to see who else been there as footage was shaking and didn’t show me enough of this magical house

  11. Come to think of it I can’t think of ONE person I know that would have done that?!? Somewhere in the first 18 years of my life, my parents would have instilled in me that that in anyway is not acceptable…

  12. Just doesn’t feel right to be in there…. I couldn’t have done that?!? Right wrong, not sure but not for me….

  13. Why are you being stupid and saying hello 👋 knowing no one is going to respond

  14. Even by 1960's standards, that is a very modest "mansion". Minelli couldn't have been super rich or else spent his money elsewhere. The quality of your videos aren't as good as some I need to slow the movements down and not focus on outdoor shrubbery like you do. I'll give this an E for effort but not a thumbs up. #SorryNotSorry

  15. I can't watch your videos. Too jerky and unfocused. Gives me a headache. Sorry.

  16. You can actually wall in it it's not locked??? Why was it just left like this for all these years? Who did this to the house squatters?

  17. @5:31 the wall thermostat in the house I grew up in was that EXACT SAME model. The house was built in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

  18. Stupid and some of the worst camera work on YouTube. How this got any upvotes is a mystery.

  19. I wonder why the family didn't sell this place after he died- would have been worth a lot when it was in good condition back then

  20. These people need to be held accountable for these homes sell them keep them up sad they just walk away like notching and notching happens to then if we did it they come after us why are they so different from us there not

  21. Sad. Liza probably owns it and won’t do anything to disturb daddy’s former world. I amazed that the place hasn’t been picked clean.

  22. There were such neat finds in this house that were quickly glazed over. Wish this was more in depth or there some research done on the house in preparation for the video instead some parts are quite disrespectful. Really unfortunate.

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