A documentary of The Monkees with various stories. Taking into fact at this point in 1999, The Monkees tour ended kind of bitter so Davy may sound a bit bitter. With some nice rare footage This is an enjoyable watch! Amidst many inaccuracies! You can’t keep “talking heads” from spinning the story! Great to have Julie Newmar, a real “guest star” telling her story! Complete with “reenactments” of The Monkees “Black Box”. What is missing from this documentary….is the music! Great stories none the less! Enjoy!


22 thoughts on “The Monkees E! Hollywood True Story (1999)

  1. It's funny seeing Davy at the end here saying the Monkees will never exist again. Because just 4 or 5 years later in 2003-4 I saw the Monkees minus Nesmith playing at The Fillmore West in San Francisco. I was blown away at how good they sounded. They had a large backup band and Mickey and Davey's voices sounded exactly like 1967 right off the albums. Much better and way more polished than any of the live concert footage I see on YouTube. Their opening act certainly was a big change from their first one with Hendrix. When I saw them the opening act was Barry Williams, Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch. He sang a lot of songs that were popular back then and at one point even mocked his "Johnny Bravo" character from that Brady Bunch episode. I've seen dozens of concerts from Donovan to Iron Butterfly, but that Monkees concert was one of the most enjoyable I ever saw. Great music and great memories from a super cool era that will never be equaled……period.

  2. When I was a kid in the 60's I loved getting the TV Guide and checking out all the new shows which most aired in September. I remember seeing The Monkees in the TV Guide and thinking wow this looks really good. I was 9 yo and talked the rest of my family into watching it that very first night. It was September 12th 1966 on a Monday night at 7:30pm on NBC. My Dad was only 28 and my mom 26 so they were young enough to enjoy the show and we never missed an episode from that day on till it was canceled. I lived in Southern California, a very cool place to be at that time. The next day in school after The Monkees aired everyone was talking about them. And it wasn't long before everyone had their first album and then the second. The second album More of the Monkees I absolutely loved. I would play it every day after school out in the garage over and over. Every song on the album was fantastic and I still love it today. The Monkees represent a very very special time in my life, and I have nothing but incredibly good memories from their music.

  3. John Lennon once told Mike Nesmith that he considered The Monkees the Marx Brothers of rock and roll… And he meant that as a Real Compliment to the group!

  4. I just finished listening to Mickey and Davy Album's "Changes" on Napster. While it is not a great album, it is on the mellow side and enjoyable. On the other hand, it does not rock enough like they would have done when they were doing the show.

  5. Loved you guys then and now. Your forever fan………PS Micky was my fav………. xoxo

  6. Anybody remember in the very early days of MTV, they played a video that Mike Nesmith did of a parody of his hit song " Joanne"? He's singing "Her name was Rodan and she lived in the sea off Japannn"..then you saw some creature destroying some model city. Funny.

  7. Don Kirshner was such a lying narcissistic commerce-over-art hack for taking all the credit for the Monkees' success and saying they went straight "down the tubes" after he was fired. Not true! After Kirshner was out of the picture, they played their own instruments and made some of their best music, and had a worldwide #1 hit with "Daydream Believer" which Kirshner had nothing to do with.

  8. I didn't hear of the Beatles until I was maybe 16. The Monkees really initialized the "defacto" 60s sound for me while growing up in the 1970s+80s.

  9. Mike is so right. As a kid the Monkees were constantly belittled. But I didn't care, and still don't. They were a real band to me. Loved them.

  10. I was watching them in the late 60's and can tell you we knew the whole story and loved it, loved the show, when the monkeys were on tv we watched it and loved it same songs repeated over and over same silly skits over and over made our day. It didn't matter they were a fantasy band we knew and thought it was great. In fact when I heard Hendrix had been a backup act to them in a live concert I was a little shocked but thought oh really they are a group. Its was kind of amusing I mean we knew they were the real deal but knew they were conjured it wasn't a natural progression like the real ones but they were just as good for sure.

  11. bottom line any other 4 would have never worked out mike mick pete dave were magic

  12. I remember that concert in 86. Just a kid, working for the summer at one of the places they played so I was able to get in for free. A friend of mine, also working there, and I managed to get in backstage and almost managed to meet the Monkees before security kicked us out.

  13. in '67 in Milwaukee I saw the Monkeys at the Arena. The opening act was an unknown band featuring a wild guitarist named Jimi Hendrix. Imagine going to a Monkeys concert and seeing Hendrix! My music experience changed overnight.

  14. I remember having the biggest crush on Peter, when they ran the reruns in the 70's. I cried when I heard of his passing. RIP Davey and Peter!!!

  15. I was there in Jacksonville Fla. when Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkees , 1967

  16. RIP Peter Tork, you brought loads of entertainment to many.
    You will be missed.
    R.I.P. Peter Tork Feb 13, 1942- Feb 21, 2019

  17. Rest in peace Peter Tork! You are now reunited with Davy Jones! Rock on with the angels!
    Carole Bayer-Sager looks like Joan Collins! Wow!

  18. R.I.P. Peter Tork Feb 13, 1942- Feb 21, 2019
    Mike Nesmith wrote "Different Drum" for the Stone Ponys which was recorded by Linda Ronstadt

  19. RIP Davy & Peter. So sad they are gone, but they will never be forgotten!

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