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In Hollywood, a little self-confidence goes a long way — and a lot goes even further. A huge ego is practically a job requirement in showbiz, and the industry is full of stars who could benefit from a generous slice of humble pie. So, here are our nominees for Hollywood’s Most Arrogant Celebrities.

Quentin Tarantino loves himself | 0:18
JLo’s got an ego | 1:10
Adam Levine’s healthy self-esteem | 2:27
Ariana Grande: Oh baby | 3:12
Bradley Cooper, is that you? | 3:54

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36 thoughts on “The Most Conceited Stars In Hollywood

  1. It’s not their fault it was how they were raised you may hate them for this but you know you love their work 😂

  2. Cameron Diaz is still consider an ok actress compares to J. Lo. I mean come on 13 year old me even think she's bad at acting, even singing.

  3. Conceited is a soft language word, just say Narcissism it makes more logical sense.

  4. Sorry but most people in Hollywood have to much cash not much sense and can’t see when the rest of the planet has so much poverty.

  5. Can't beleave you put Tarantino on this list even. He's like one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood and that guy who interviewed him is a massive irritating douche nozzle ! Iv seen that interview its cringe worthy.

  6. I’m not surprised with Ariana. I never liked her. Adam Levine, I don’t see him too much in anything. Jennifer Lopez, who does she think she is😂. Anderson? I’m surprised. But I believe it. Quinten Tarantino, didn’t think he is. But not surprised. Cameron Diaz, I just don’t know. Straighten up you actors! You’re supposed to be good influences on us, Come now!!!!

  7. Tarantino gives me creeps. Of course he must possess an ego as large as universe, so to spea, as cover for his inadequacies, absence of decency, lack of basic good physical features, etc.

    But that's from a nobody like me who says shit all the time hahahahaha.

  8. I don't like Bradley Cooper's face, he looks cold, mean and arrogant. He may be nice but he doesn't look it. He actually looks like he could be a bully.

  9. It interests me that every single one of these people, i have never been a fan of… Sounds like my intuition is right.

  10. It doesn’t around like JLow to be so horrible about other film stars. But I’m not saying she’s not a diva.

  11. I have no idea why Jennifer Lopez is famous; however she does have a great core fan base co skating primarily of lesbians and Hispanic men. 👍🏻😂

  12. There's always been a lot of hate and jealousy (like on here) about Jen. And here they show the bad movie but not the many hit comedies! PROVE she said those things!

  13. Think Bradley /Tarantino are doing Excellent Work in Acting and Directing Don't hate what u don't understand

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