Watch #TheNurse 1997 Thriller movie.
Starring Lisa Zane, John Stockwell, John Stockwell, Nancy Dussault and Sherrie Rose.
Directed by Robert Malenfant.
Music by Richard Bowers
Produced by Richard Brandes
#ActionThrillerMovie #HollywoodActionMovie #HollywoodThrillerMovie

A traumatized nurse plots revenge against a catatonic businessman, whom she blames for the death of her father. She integrates herself in to his family as his personal nurse and plots revenge by killing off his family members one by one.

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48 thoughts on “The Nurse (1997) | Hollywood Thriller Movie | Lisa Zane, John Stockwell

  1. At first i feel sorry for her, she was a good nurse. But her father made her do this things, why her father had to kill her brother and her mother? He was supposed to commit suicide alone? Sad but she deserved what happened to her.😈😈😈

  2. We’ll I couldn’t sleep 😴 tonight., So . Guess What?!? I watched the Movie 🍿 The Nurse .. again lol 😂 .. ps: all good things come to and ..She shot my . Baby down . I guess that means ..No squeal .Aw .lol

  3. i guess i would totally play that pretty scary nurse myself if this movie could be a musical on broadway to

  4. Not bad for a "Hallmark" style thriller. This was actually quite good.

  5. Now I'm never getting a "Nurse" ….I'll hire a family member to take care of me….

  6. The young guy in this is dennis from the movie steven kings christine..still handsom lol

  7. Reading comments before watching to confirm how the horror is 😂😂👍

  8. Reading the comment before watching to make sure its a good movie. aviously it is.

  9. I'm only 48 min in but I kinda hate Karen.. but when Karen was in SD she said it would be hers b4 she got back.. but then she was back in time for her brother being shot?!?!??

  10. 24:57 i would've been in the chair shaking like nooo get this bitch out the house dam poor daddy dam pops rip pops can't move or make a sound

  11. Who get in a car and drive all the way home to stop daddy from killing mom and son girrl thats what 911 is for its would have save mom and ur brother rip for not thinking

  12. what is weird to me is that the dad did not get a sponge bath or use the bathroom, he must has a foley bag, lol i no that it is just a movie but at least make it look believable.

  13. pretty good movie!! kept my (very short) attention span!! worth a try! thanks for the upload!!

  14. What's the matter with Bob .. Nurse: he's about to lose another wife.. 🏃🏃🏃

  15. So it was alright for her to kill some non-related nursing peer of hers to get her revenge? What was her logic?

  16. Watching from cayman island,I love seeing these type of movies always interesting during quarantine good looking nurse,but Damn with some bad attitudes mad as Fk.

  17. മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ….? നല്ല സിനിമയാണ്…. ♥♥

  18. I’m from Los Angeles. This wasn’t filmed in Los Angeles. A lot of the scenes look like they might have been filmed in palm desert or Palm Springs.

  19. life can be strange for most not radically, and without Jesus amazing grace it truly becomes estranged…without true purpose in life…John chapters 3 repent and reborn, 10 the more abundant life ikr

  20. I am truly enjoying this late nineties thriller. The film budget was big. Just look at the house and the restaurant. This movie has a couple of familiar faces. That nurse is wacky. This thriller leaves you on the edge of your seat.

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