The Presence Full Horror Movie – Best Hollywood Horror

Mira Sorvino plays a woman who arrives at a remote cabin where a possessive ghost seems to have fallen in love with her.
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In this creepy, unsettling ghost story, Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino plays a woman who arrives at a remote cabin where she is haunted by a ghost who seems to have fallen in love with her. But when her boyfriend (Golden Globe-nominee Justin Kirk, Weeds) shows up unexpectedly, the haunting gets downright obsessive and she starts to lose her grip on reality as the thin line between sanity and possession unravels. Beautiful cinematography, a haunting score, and some unexpected psychological twists make this slow-burning ghostly romance oddly compelling.


37 thoughts on “The Presence – Full Horror Movie – Best Hollywood Horror

  1. The best part of the movie was the last 10 minutes – which basically was about redemption, salvation, good vs. evil, God sits to your right ear and the Devil on the left.
    The acting was horrible, very "wooden", no chemistry between the actors, monotonous.
    The range of emotion from the "good ghost/spirit", well there wasn't any. A cardboard cut out would have been better.
    If I had to give a rating out 5, I'd give it a 1/2 a point.

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  3. Bravo to writer and director. Finally a film for an intelligent audience.

  4. I wasn't expecting the hot lesbian sex scenes, wow that was a bonus, you should have toilet paper ready..


  6. Had this film been categorized under drama/thriller it would've drawn a different audience,thereby provoking more positive reviews. Horror fans expected horror and this film was not horrific. More suitable for the "Lifetime' audience. That being said I enjoyed this movie. Good story line and above average acting. Thanx for the upload.

  7. Couldn’t cope with all the adds, was a joke, so ended up quitting after a few minutes in. What’s that all about??

  8. 👎 I Love Horror Movies and this was not a Horror Movie in my eyes. It bored me to death literally. I ended up turning it off after 40 mins!

  9. Even though it wasn’t like a horror I liked it just for time passing…

  10. Corny movie. Boredom will make me continue to watch… I'll come back with my review in the comments

  11. Great movie. A combination of horror, mystery, and romance. I like Shane west. Thank oh for uploading this movie! 😎😍👻👍👏👌🏿

  12. Unique story, oddly compelling truly describes it best. Great acting. Read the Show More to know if it's a movie you want to watch. Personally, I'm glad I did, but it isn't what some may prefer.

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