Restaurants are more than just places to eat in Hollywood. They’re the location in which deals get made, inspiration is found, and ideas are born. Food is way more than fuel. Our host Kris Yenbamroong is exploring the intersection of food and entertainment. We start with a power lunch at Spago, some classic Jewish deli cuisine at Canter’s with Greg Sestero, co-star of the cult classic film The Room, and end the night with late night chili cheese fries with one of Hollywood’s best food stylists. In our world, the food is always the star.

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26 thoughts on “The Real Hollywood Power Lunch

  1. how do people get that red and have a voice that has to fight out of your throat??

  2. Aw man. Why did he interrupt Mark Itkin’s story about American Gladiators? I love that show.

  3. Awesome man, love the fact that 99 percent of us do not have this inclusive chance. Woot, yeah Wolfgang, I see him on fucking Saturday.

  4. This guy is a respectful interviewer and he asks some great questions. Cool series.

  5. strawberry+spinach lemon+poppy kale lemon-basil- cucumber

  6. "Legendary" Hollywood Agent Mark Itkin. With a resume like his (American Gladiators, Deal Or No Deal,…) you know he's got power.

  7. Guess what??? Smoked Salmon pizza ISN'T pizza. My God how LA loves the smell of its own shit, always thinking it's the envy of every other city around.

  8. wouldn't be surprised if my dude and the lady at the end exchanged digits. you guys would make a cute weird couple.

  9. Mel's is a California classic, we have at least 4 location up here in the bay.

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