Do you remember Jennifer Love Hewitt? At the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s, we could see her in many TV shows and movies.

Her breakthrough on TV was the series Party of Five and on the big screens, she became popular after I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Then she was in Heartbreakers and many other films critics didn’t like. And then there were Ghost Whisperer and The Client List series… But her fame didn’t last long.

Who was Jennifer Love Hewitt as a child and did she dream of becoming an actress? Hint – she had another dream and it has something to do with the music! Have you heard any Jennifer Love Hewitt songs, by the way?

Why doesn’t Hollywood cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore? Where is Jennifer Love Hewitt today?

Watch our new video right now and you will learn everything about her, from her childhood to her being a mom today.

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26 thoughts on “The Real Reason Hollywood Dropped Jennifer Love Hewitt | ⭐OSSA

  1. The fact she's doesn't get roles is more to the fact she's gotten older & Hollywood hates women over 40. I feel Kristin Milotti now gets the roles JLH used to get.

  2. Jennifer is 1 of the best actresses imo and i hope someday ghost whisperer will come back with new seasons she can show emotions in there that even touched me and that says something

  3. She is one of my favorite actors of all time. I don't care what the super woke alt-left Hollywood does or thinks.

  4. I think she has a great job on the show 911 and does a good job with her role. I think this video overemphasized the negative and that's not fair to her.

  5. This is wrong. He career had been a hit a miss. But she is doing great. Went from ghost whisper and a few movie roles to Clint list, criminal minds and now 911.

  6. It is all about whom you got representing you in Hollywood. The more $$$ you spend on management, the higher your profile will be.

  7. Hollywood is fickle , they are so hard on women they treat them like meat , I am a women that was obsessed with my weight and have finally been ok with my body , why can’t we be comfortable gaining and the loosing weight , why do people have to knock us if we loose or gain weight. Get a freakin robot if you want perfection. And women should be able to change their mind on what comfortable is for them in their weight . Hollywood’s loss with her or Hathaway I love them both . An independent thinker it what I like seeing on the screen. In Jesus name , if this women comes back to Holly weird. May sh come back full force. I loved every movie she made.

  8. This video has it all wrong ! She plays in many many great movies and still does !!

  9. I would say Alicia Silverstone should be in this title. Jennifer Love Hewitt is in huge show call 911. You did a horrible job in this video.

  10. Just saying..i have a big girls crush on her since years😊

  11. WTF is this content? A garbage. She is still relevant. Get your facts straight.

  12. Shut up already and get to the point. I don't care that she tap danced when she was a baby.

  13. I think they're full of s*** Jennifer was a great actress and still is I love her on 911 and I like every movie she's been on

  14. I have always adored her and think she shines from the inside out…alot of people can relate to her down to earth personality

  15. This is bollocks and a fabricated lie,she is currently on a hit series (911) .

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