When Mo’Nique won an Oscar in 2009 for her performance in Precious, it was supposed to be the start of an illustrious Hollywood career. But the complete opposite happened, and she soon found herself blackballed from the industry. So, what happened? Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Mo’Nique anymore.

There was a ton of buzz about Mo’Nique being an Oscars contender after the release of Precious. In order to increase her chances of taking home the award, she was asked to schmooze with other A-listers and promote the movie at various film festivals. However, according to the New York Daily News, Mo’Nique was a no-show at the New York Film Festival, and she also skipped out on the Toronto Film Festival.

Mo’Nique told The Hollywood Reporter,

“You want me to campaign for an award, and I say this with all the humility in the world, but you want me to campaign for an award that I didn’t ask for.”

When she was called out for allegedly refusing to promote the film, Mo’Nique revealed to CNN’s Don Lemon that she was only paid $50,000 to appear in the award-winning film. She also implied that the travel costs associated with promoting the film were prohibitive, and since the studio refused to pay her to make the promotional appearances, she chose not to do them.

Mo’Nique told Lemon that after her decision to “respectfully decline” the studio’s invitation to fly to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival, the narrative changed to the celeb being difficult and demanding, thus pushing her out of the limelight. Keep watching to learn The Real Reason Hollywood Won’t Cast Mo’Nique Anymore!

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Oscar win didn’t equal success | 3:17
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21 thoughts on “The Real Reason Hollywood Won't Cast Mo'Nique Anymore

  1. You sound like such a whiny bitch when you you turn down 500k. Guess what, you're not Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock. Get bent.

  2. Amy Schumer is not that funny.
    *However Mo'nique will never come close to Chris Rock in Comedy*
    Mo'nique's comedy is imo OK but not like Sommore.

  3. And one other thing people makes me sick they always look on the surface why you think Dave Chappelle walked away

  4. I think we ALL know what happened to Mo’Nique! This story is old and tired!!! 🤦‍♀️

  5. She's not out of pocket it's those other three, who may have money but in the eyes of the beholder they're just aNeg@

  6. Mo'Nique ruined her own career by biting the hand that feeds her. She went on a rant about Oprah. That's a NoNo in the entertainment business. Someone should have pulled her aside.

  7. There's a lot to be said for grace and that is not her strong suit. Sometimes you just can't reason with stupid… so next.

  8. I just don't want to court her out. I love her and I feel she's fighting for something. Others may not understand it but it's her fight. I wish well💖💖💖

  9. how da fukk does the studio 'NOT' pay her travel expenses, but then call on her to 'promote.' everyone knows that only 'the extras' are paid to "ACT." everyone else with lines 'ARE PAID TO SELL THE PROJECT.' that's why you only see stars doing interviews during either 'SCANDAL'S' that they're doing damage control on, or 'projects(SELF/HIRED).'

  10. First rule of life-Never offend the master. This isn’t related to slavery,but a reminder that we all have a boss or someone we answer to at work. Never offend them or you will be without a job.

  11. I think it has something to do with her pimp… oh I’m sorry, husband. What does he do again?

  12. I feel bad for her, I loved her in The Parkers, i believe that fat whale, who attacked toni braxton, oprah blackballed her cause Mo’Nique dared to call her out, no one calls her out expect Burger King when her triple whopper is ready

  13. Nicki, stop doing videos. Your greed in advertising makes me forget what I'm watching. Reduce your living expenses and tone down the ads will ya?

  14. Shame on her!!! She tried to turn everyone against Netflix because other comedians were offered a LOT more money to do a stand up comedy show. Maybe because they honestly didn't think she was on the same level as the others (Personally, I think Shumer sucks) . And I get being pissed, but here she is trying to get work and she turns down $500,000.000!!!
    Then, of course, she tried to bring race into it, and called for a boycott of Netflix and accused them of gender bias and race bias!!! Which made her look real stupid, because the 3 other comedians that were paid more was Amy Shumer, Chris Rock and David Chappelle!!! One white woman and two black males…… but she tried to accuse them of gender bias and race bias!!!! So….. yeah. I like her in the movies that I've seen her in, but she did all this to herself.

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