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Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie turned Megan Fox into an instant star. Men’s magazines couldn’t get enough of her, and her future in Hollywood seemed all but bulletproof. Who knew that a mere decade later, Fox would still be playing second fiddle to CGI creations? Outside of the running-on-fumes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, her box office prospects have been pretty dire of late. Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Megan Fox anymore…

Transformer trouble | 0:29
Flop fest | 1:51
Overexposed | 2:52
False starts | 3:36
A comedic return | 4:32

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48 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Hollywood Dumped Megan Fox

  1. Don't get me wrong, when I first saw Megan Fox in the first Transformers, I was like damn, she's hot, but like I said, most hot girls are stuck up

  2. If you look at the behind the scenes of dark of the moon, Michael bay lies and said the reason he didn't ask her to come back is because he looked at her and didn't see Mikaela anymore, she grew up and Hollywood changed her.

  3. That's so wild that people think Transformers launched her because I'd say Jennifers Body is what I first knew her from. Also, lets be honest here and say the Transformers movies were NOTHING without Megan.

  4. Megan Fox is Christian and loyally married. Hollywood is dominated by people like Harvey Weinstein. End of story.

  5. She is taking care of herself. Her quality is in her inner beauty. She's "expensive". She's not like other actress, simply expose by directors or producers. She walks away when they is something wrong. Be yourself Megan. Stay hot. Yeah..

  6. Because their are other girls who are willing to do 'those' things to get to the top.

  7. It’s just unfortunate people didn’t give her a chance after one powerful guy shuts her down. “Jennifer’s Body” was a great movie, and only recently has received love. People love to hate this women, and I’ll say that again and again.

  8. Cause she cant act. Seen more drama watching my bartender deciding whether to eat another hot wing or answer her phone.

  9. Megan fox doesn't give a shit about Hollywood anymore…. For her more important than fame is her family and helping others such as fighting to protect the Amazon rainforests which is a big thing that no one bothered to do…. Michael Bay is a true son of a b***h…..

    Here is the moral of the story by Miss Fox: Humanity is more important than fame…

  10. show biz is extremely hard…
    and not for everyone…
    I only did a few acting classes…
    but my brother actually
    had a few gigs in Television
    and movies…
    and he will tell anyone…
    if they want to get into acting…
    you will definitely encounter some unpleasant people/situations…

  11. No, megan dumped Hollywood. This sounds like it was made by a bitter jealous woman, yikes

  12. this lady is soo beautiful I can't even…..

    transformers went downhill without her

  13. Ok… Now, This Is NOT, Megan Fox's Fault, And It's Also, NOT, Hasbro's Fault.



    Reply Me, And Let Me Know.

  14. If she wasn't playing in transformers, I wouldn't even bother watching a Micheal Bay movie. Because it's fucking trash.

  15. Transformers ruined Megan Fox. If she wasn't so heavily sexualized, who knows what she'd be doing now. She probably would've been treated better.

  16. She ruined her natural beauty with wacko plastic surgery. Once she did that she also ruined her career since it was built on her beauty.

  17. American people of irish heritage as Megan Fox are not real human beings, they are only living sewers who came from hell.🖕😡😖🤢🤮

  18. I like Megan. she is the most pure and pretty woman Hollywood ever had. But her honesty made that she left. because the world of dictators did not give her enough room for her own ideas. If you do acting. It always is more natural if they would give her room for her own interpretation. that is more pure more natural. Megan is a world class actrice. and I really hope to see more movies of her in the future, where she can express who she really is.
    Maybe something with angels? Haha

  19. She was dumped because she's a pathetic good for nothing WHORE.
    Only good enough to act in music videos where she plays a cheap street prostitute

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