It may be a hard knock life, but what’s it really like when youth and opportunity meet in the movie industry? Today we’re going to be talking about The Real Story Behind Growing Up in Hollywood. What do YOU think about growing up in Hollywood? Let us know in the comments below!

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34 thoughts on “The Real Story Behind Growing Up in Hollywood

  1. Growing up in Hollywood is not all glitz and glamour… What did you find most surprising about this video!?

  2. I wanna be an actor when I grow up so at least this will explain how youngsters grew up.

  3. Jerry O'Connell is one of my favourite actors and he's a great example of doing it right. He has been having a very steady career.

  4. I'm honestly very surprised they didn't include at least footage of Judy Garland is this. She is the most poignant example of how Hollywood abuse beginning in childhood can slowly kill a person and destroy them.

  5. Can't wait to watch the documentary of Corey Feldman. I'm scared something might happen to him though

  6. I feel sorry for the children whose parents are celebrities. It's impossible to live a normal life that way. Also it's hard for them to have friends because they don't know who their true friends are.

  7. at least on the addams family tv series at least morticia and gomez love wednesday and pugsly like their own kids and treat them right like real parents should love their kids.

  8. Famous parents now are all for putting the kids in the spotlight. Look at Kim and Kanye kids.

  9. To to much pressure on kids that’s most of these kids growing up even on drugs or committing suicide like Disney stars or even Hollywood period we need better

  10. It’s the horrors of child stardom. Things start off right as rain at first, but once these young actors get older and reach adulthood, the good times are over and a dark shadow is cast upon their future.

    The heartbreaking aftermath of this is former child actors becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and dying under tragic circumstances. It’s so very sad.

  11. One of the problems of being a Hollywood child star is that your parents may start over spending money they don't even have, money from your work and if your show is cancelled your family will get in serious debt and they will try to get you into other shows, so unfair.

  12. Two that made it through after being manipulated by movie producers, agents and parents are Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster. The stuff they did as children in 1970's Hollywood would not be allowed today.

  13. You didn't mention Judith Barsi. She wasn't as famous as Shirley Temple or Drew Barrymore, but her story is probably one of the darkest.

  14. I think there should be a balance of personal and professional life. You can be a successful child actor but children should also have a sense of self.

  15. My mom was a child actor in the 80s but was one of the ones who didn’t grow up scarred by Hollywood..she still does films but not very often

  16. Hollywood has been sexually slaving actors including child actors, and Hollywood still denies it today despite actors coming forward.

  17. They all needed a good spanking with the belt the spoiled brats & to be raised right in Hollywood where the hell were the parents at to control love & look out for them ? 🤔

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