Not every celebrity can say they hold the heartwarming title of “Hollywood’s Nice Guy”, or gal, but if a star shares a rude encounter with another famous face, you best believe it’ll be the talk of Tinseltown. We’re dishing the dirt on the rudest celebs in Hollywood, according to reportedly nicer stars.

At first glance, you’d probably never think Pierce Brosnan could be rude. Between his sultry voice and dashing looks, the Irish actor won our hearts as James Bond in the late ’90s. However, funnyman James Corden might beg to differ with this glowing reputation.

In a headline-making segment of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show in 2017, guest Khloé Kardashian asked Corden about the rudest celeb he’s ever met.

After the space had been vacant for a while, Corden and his wife moved to Brosnan’s spot…apparently right before the actor returned.

Watch the video for more about the rudest celebs in Hollywood, according to other stars!

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Pierce Brosnan | 0:18
Gene Simmons | 1:21
Ariana Grande | 2:18
Christina Aguilera | 3:07
Charlize Theron | 3:58
Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol | 5:05
Jon Hamm | 5:54
Michael Jordan | 6:52
Lea Michele | 7:49
Jennifer Lawrence | 8:40


42 thoughts on “The Rudest Celebs In Hollywood, According To Other Stars

  1. “the rudest celebs in hollywood according to other stars”

    jlaw literally called HERSELF rude… not another celeb 😂 and I think she conducts herself generally in such a lighthearted way that if she wagged her finger at someone trying to come up and take a picture, they wouldn’t be overly offended by it. tbh if I was famous I wouldn’t have half the patience these celebs do when dealing with fans. I know how crazy people can be and I can totally understand not wanting to take a picture or sign an autograph at certain times… idk just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. 🤣 first of all where is Card b here ? U guys insulting her by not putting her in this 😂come one people those celebrates are human being just like us can have bad days ,just think about u when u having bad day

  3. Celebs love the hi life, spending millions regular folk can only dream of…..but some quickly forget it is those regular folk who gave them those millions huh!

  4. These people are human beings and could simply have been having a bad day; we are all allowed bad days… aren’t we?

  5. Are you surprised that Charlize Theron is on the list? She's been neutering guys for years.

  6. I have heard from other people Charlize Theron can be not such a nice person. All I will say is she wasn't the most liked person on Fast and Furious 8 set.

  7. I think everyone is entitled to their own idea of privacy. If a celeb is out and about having a bad day, or doing the very thing the consider "this is my private time", then they need to do two things, One tell their fans when is not an okay time to approach, I.E. once have sat down to eat at any table, while shopping or whatever, then word will get around for most fans to know not to. If it's just a bad day, simply say," I'm sorry it not a good time, or a good day for pics. I hope to see you later or another day so we can take a pic!"
    No they shouldn't have to say these are not good times, but those who approach during those times might feel they'll never get another chance because they're from another town or whatever, and they only want a minute, not really to bother. Unfortunately if one other person sees the okay given it becomes a swarm of seekers!!!!!!!

  8. 5:33 told not to ask him about it cuz he gets angry
    asks him anyway
    him: gets mad
    them: shocked pikachu face

  9. I am not sure disliking Kathy Griffin is enough to earn you a "rude person" label. Maybe's he's rude, maybe he's not, but that he was not nice to one person certainly isn't a good barometer.

  10. I met a former Baywatch star on a flight. I asked her who are the two biggest pukes in Hollywood. Without pause she said Michelle Pfifer and Jack Nicholson!

  11. Ariana Grande is on tape licking a donut and putting it back while saying she hates America. That's a disgusting human being. But all her little dumb teen fans will disagree and call me a hater.

  12. Can’t believe this 💩💩 appeared as a recommendation to watch. Stopped watching after 30 seconds

  13. I wouldt take what Kathy Griffin says as anything because if anybody comes off as Bitch its her..She is just never really very cool at all..I obviously dont actually know her personally but anything Ive seen, Nothing Good…

  14. I had a friend that worked at Nobu Malibu and said Jennifer Lawrence was not only rude, she said she said hello and wasn’t even acknowledged but she kept going to the bathroom with her friend to do coke.

  15. 🤔🤔 oké Giuliana Ransik; I hate arrogant people(towards others) and injustice or condescending behavior… but you “fighting for your good side for 13 years..”…. so??? Don’t forget that you are an interviewer/reporter etc. Ariana is a star. Your job is to talk to stars, so the viewers and fans can see the star and hear what they have to say. That’s the whole point of that part and there being cameras.

    Sorry to say.. but it’s not about you! Even if Ariana did this in a very diva way;… the fact that you feel entitled to the ‘right side of the camera’, seems very diva-ish of you. A little bit overestimating yourself and losing track of reality. Ariana is the star, you are not – even tho you may be known, it’s about the artists

  16. Many of these, if you twist it around, the victim becomes the real culprit: Egotist Pierce Brosnan and controlladdict James Corden are almost as bad as each other, but in Britain James Corden is known by as one of the rudest celebrities with the next person a long way behind, and Pierce Brosnan not in the list at all.

    Charlize Theron as it had a bad attitude problem from the day she became famous, another egotist, and has only softened down in the last few years now she’s into movies and she has to behave. And Kathy Griffin?? Argh c’mon, even if you’re not looking you must’ve heard of her and the vile things she said about Trump etc, that hate-filled bitch has to be number one female of the West (excluding politicians a.k.a. Hillary Clinton). She provokes arguments as a hobby, AND a business.

  17. I guess when Harvey Weinstein`s outta the picture, Jennifer Lawrence`s career has tanked.

  18. Do you (they) know why we have celebrities? Its because of the farmers, yup, farmers. 10 thousand years ago and more, 99% of people had to be farmers, because climate was so unstable that there were no large farms, everyone had to plant several crops just to get 3 or 4 that will make it under those conditions to feed their families. about 9 thousand years ago the climate stabilized to the point that it became possible to plant on a grand scale, freeing others to pursue other means of livelihood, in a couple of thousand years so many people prospered that arts and music became in high demand (acting and dancing too). So thanks to climate stability and farmers we get entertainment.

  19. The funniest bit was when Tia Mowry goes “I know how to approach another celebrity” really? You think you’re a celebrity, huh.

  20. Please, Grande. She sounds like every other female artists these days. They sound like 6yr olds. They really should not sing. Unless you sound individual and original, you should just be quiet, very quiet. I am not being fair to those artists as they are catering to the age gaps between 15 and Avery immature 25.

  21. Arieirna =transgender little boy with a (god complex) Charlie's therron=transgender (god complex) my agent (handler) speaks to your agent apoligise or loose work!!

  22. I'm team Jon Hamm… KG gives me bad vibes. She probably insulted him and she couldn't handle the backlash…

  23. I think it’s funny because Ariana is one of the most genuine sweet people and I think she has proved that by far.

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