Julie Andrews Real Life Story Reveals Struggle With Hollywood, Motherhood, and Her Childhood. You’ll Never Believe…
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Everyone knows that Julie Andrews is one of the most talented women around, but the true story of her life is a surprisingly sad one considering her notoriously cheerful disposition. Her singing voice made her famous and the movie Mary Poppins made her a household name! She managed to impress Walt Disney so much that he agreed to some special circumstances surrounding her hire. And author P.L. Travers gave her a pretty backhanded compliment about how much she looked like the famous magical nanny in her books. Her first marriage to set designer Tony Walton ended in divorce, but seeking therapy caused her to meet Blake Edwards who she would be married to for over four decades! We all know she starred in The Sound of Music, but her career seriously suffered after a botched surgery and she feared she would never be able to sing again! She put her career aside to focus on her daughter Emma Walton and her two adopted children and to this day she’s doing what she can to entertain kids all over the world, including working on the show Julie’s Greenroom.

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31 thoughts on “The Sad Truth Of How Julie Andrews Struggled In Hollywood

  1. I actually have the same birthday as Julie Andrews! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. @the talko you didn't mention her film totally modern Millie. It was a great film.

  3. Always liked Julie Andrews but I didn't know this about her. Damn, whole new respect for her. She's quite a lady!!

  4. Does anyone else believe that in the thumbnail of this video, the 1964 version of Julie Andrews kinda looks like Haley Lu Richardson from Five Feet Apart?

  5. the Amazing amazing Ms Julie Andrews. Thank you so much … Mary Poppins and Sound of Music really helped me as a child .

  6. How about this video next: "The sad truth that virtually every single person on Earth will have some kind of struggle in their lives."

  7. 7:20 — The bit from "Star!" with Julie and those repulsive dwarves is good old-fashioned nightmare fuel. No wonder this thing was such a notorious flop…

  8. That is not Queen Elizabeth that is Princess Margaret. And the Queen Elizabeth Julie performed for was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, not Queen Elizabeth II

  9. I love the sound of music. It’s my favourite movie she was in. I love the song doe-re-mi. She is beautiful.

    Boo! Did I scare you?? Probably not.

  10. Julie Andrews is an icon. She is such an inspiration and is so down-to-earth, it's really admirable.

  11. So what happened to her adopted daughters you only told us about her own daughter at the end? She'll always be Mary Poppins to me

  12. The sound of music is my absolute favourite movie of me and my mom! ❤❤🌸🌸🌸

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