Guest hosts Eugene and Dan Levy were joined by their “Schitt’s Creek” co-stars Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy for their first TV interview as a cast. The on-screen family chatted about their hit show, Catherine called out Eugene’s old hairstyles, and Annie recalled her move to Los Angeles, where she found a roommate who was an aspiring actress/writer/director and was serious about her craft.



20 thoughts on “The 'Schitt’s Creek' Cast Talks Hollywood Horror Stories and Retro Hairstyles

  1. Catherine has been one on my favourite actresses since she was in two of my call time favourite movies (Beetlejuice and A nightmare before Xmas) she is brilliant.

  2. The whole schitts crew is super funny. The new god dang sexy. Sexy, sexy, sexy… all of them. Fkg brilliant comedy… what a grand team!

  3. "For those out there who haven't watched our show – I'm so sorry for you." VALID

  4. Schitts Creek is the best show on Netflix! Only drawback it's addictive! Great actors, writers and script!

  5. The show (one speaking as a HUGE show/movie buff) is beyond amazing. It only gets more amazing and sentimental, as the show goes on.

  6. Catherine may be the funniest woman alive. I think she’s the best comedic actress alive! I love Tina Fey as a writer but Catherine executes so well!

  7. Their roles as the Rose family allowed them to call forth the confident Rose that was inside all along and bring out the best. Catherine, for example, is coming to SERVE in that dress, and her inner Moira is applauding and tipping her wig.

  8. The one thing I never really understood about Schitt$ Creek was : What were the benefits of owning Schitt$ Creek. What did they actually own ? ( Not land, not the council, not anything for what I could ever see in any of the episodes) Any ideas ?

  9. Catherine O'Hara is absolutely hilarious in this show. I love her! They are all great actually.

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