The true story of Netflix’s “Hollywood” isn’t exactly a dream come true. To say that “Hollywood” takes some creative liberties would be an understatement. For everything creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan made up, though, there is some truth beneath the surface. MsMojo discusses the true story of Netflix’s “Hollywood.” What did you learn watching Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

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44 thoughts on “The Shocking True Story of Netflix’s Hollywood

  1. Have you watched Hollywood on Netflix? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts below!

  2. The reporters voice is so shrill and fake ironic. Is she trying to sound like an E! reporter? Watching with the close captions on

  3. Those who should get Emmy nominations this year: Jim Parsons, Darren Criss, Jeremy Pope and Patti LuPone

  4. Cuba Gooding Jr. won best supporting actor in 1997 for Jerry Maguire and Jackie Chan won an Honorary Oscar for his film career.

  5. The show would be better if they just told the truth about Hollywood. Thats enough drama and romance on its own. No woman, man, or race was safe. They got people hooked on drugs etc. As it stands this just looks like a washing of the truth.

  6. Quentin Tarantino has done revisionist history in Inglorious bastards and in Once upon a time in Hollywood.

  7. imo, this is an alright show. its also better than that "tiger king" sh*t

  8. Unfortunately, the show got ruined for me.
    Though Camille Washington wins an oscar for 'Meg', actress Lara Herrier's contribution to Ryan Murphy's 'alternative Hollywood' is far from good.
    Is actually quite appalling, the 'forced acting', the dead eyes… made hard for me to form any empathy towards the character. and so ruined that (great big) part of the story!
    I'm afraid to say that Lara does not bring one bit of justicehomage to names such as Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge.

  9. Hollywood is a really scary place & a shady business. If u look up the show mysteries and scandals that used to air on the E network you'll hear some crazy stories. Some episodes are on YouTube idk about dailymotion though.

  10. I thought it is just more than assumption, only to find it is truth

  11. I want to like to see robbie jones play Eric draven and jeepers creepers and predators and samoan superheroes and green hornet

  12. Darren Criss was absolutely amazing in this series, but totally underused. His character, Raymond Ainsley, had so much potential and they couldn't even give us his Oscar's acceptance speech about succeeding in making a movie that really did change the world.

  13. very very great fun list I like it a lot great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever

  14. I thought this would be boring but boy i was wrong when i watched the firdt episode i kept watching it and the next thing i know is I’m on the last episode and it’s 5:00 am i really hope they come out with a second season

  15. I’m having trouble getting through it. It feels stylized and stiff to me. Not convincing acting as far as I’m concerned.
    To each his own, I guess.

  16. No mention of the gay love stories! A major aspect of this limited series!

  17. Revisionist history? Thought that was called Tarantino style…learn something everyday…

  18. DC Comics has these types of stories called "elseworld", wondering things like: What if Bruce Wayne were chosen by the Green Lantern ring or if Superman's ship had crashed in the USSR during the cold war. This series seemed to me an Elseworld of our reality.

  19. I want to be the first girl/woman of Asian descent to win Best Supporting and Lead Actress. That would be so cool

  20. Why did I 'choose' this as a career? Non white, Asian, Black, Jewish, gay female..always wanted to know if Annie may was just a coincidence..why did I choose this?..damn…

  21. the problem is that there are so many damn good actors out there, that it's impossible to please absolutely everyone. if the Oscars or Grammys are gonna provide equal representation to all of the categories nominated, then the ceremony would be far too long. the actual Oscar statuette is called the Academy Award of Merit, meaning that it shouldn't just be given willy-nilly to a person just because their black, gay or a woman, or all three, if you don't showcase any merit (raw talent, skill) for the category you're nominated in, then you don't deserve the award.

  22. I know this series had good intentions, but I honestly could not get past the story and dialogues in this. It felt too cheesy and artifical to mend a clear fantasy in my mind of a happier hollywood after world war 2.

  23. Such series should exist only to remind us how horrible and backward the society is in reality, both historically and contemporarily. Entertain briefly but do not fascinate profoundly of the “what if” scenarios, and definitely do not let it numb ourselves of the struggle yet to come, especially in the current overwhelming rightist mentality dominated world.

  24. Jim Parsons had the best performance in my opinion. The acting was on point even though i despised his character

  25. Legit, in the trailer for Hollywood said; "Imagine if you could change history", so it's not taking creative liberties, it said right off the bat it was fiction, so… :')

  26. Hated Jim Parsons in the show but my God what a performance. He should get an Emmy nomination next year.

  27. I love the show and Patti Lupone is going to be nominated for an Emmy I can guarantee it.

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