The Skarsgards are everywhere now, aren’t they? Skarsgard family became popular mostly due to their patriarch, Stellan Skarsgard, a popular Hollywood actor. Now, this Swedish family is getting more and more fame by appearing on the big and small screens. Watch this video to find out more about all of them and to learn the awesome idea we’re at Ossa have!

Alexander Skarsgard is the eldest brother. If you’ve seen Alexander Skarsgard Big Little Lies, you know how talented he is as an actor. And if you watched Alexander Skarsgard The Legend of Tarzan, you know that he’s also freaking handsome! But did you know the funny story of how he got the role? Watch the video!

Gustaf Skarsgard is gaining popularity on TV. Did you like Gustaf Skarsgard Vikings role? Then you’ve probably been blown away by Gustaf Skarsgard Westworld’s Karl Strand, too!

Sam Skarsgard is the only brother who isn’t an actor. Watch the video to find out what he does!

Bill Skarsgard seems to be on the peak now. Bill Skarsgard It performance was terrific and, according to both fans and critics, Bill Skarsgard Pennywise was perfect.

Eija Skarsgard is the only sister in the family. She used to be a model, but now she’s into something else. Excited to learn more??

Valter Skarsgard is also an actor who will probably head to Hollywood very soon.

And finally, Stellan Skarsgard is the man behind it all. Due to Stellan Skarsgard parenting methods, all his children grew into strong and independent individuals. He has two more sons who are only kids now. Will they also become Swedish actors and then make it big in Hollywood! We’ll see!

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50 thoughts on “The Skarsgards: Swedish Family Taking over Hollywood | ⭐OSSA

  1. The no talent Kardashians have nothing on the Skarsgards. This family have talent and good looks without the plastic surgery!

  2. The Skarsgards boys looked just like their father, but Alexander is a dead ringer of Stellan.

  3. You're gonna talk about Alex but not mention Trueblood? The best role he ever played? ok.

  4. Far too many white men in Hollywood. White men aren’t diverse at all. Hollywood needs more diversity, not more white men. Less white men in Hollywood please. More diversity. The future is feminine! The future is non white!! Where’s Natalie Portman and brie Larson when we need them??!

  5. Don't forget Lady Gaga video with Alexander. They are many-sided actors and the boys are going on father's footstep . Kram från Sverige! ♡

  6. Morons. They are Swedish. Find yourself a less humble and materialistic American family.

  7. No reality shows fucks up peoples lives they are fine just the way they are. The Kardashians are famous for their looks and nothing else.

  8. I loved watching Castle Rock with Bill. No matter what movie or show any of them are in, they all are really good actors. The show could be bad, but their acting skills are always on point. I love watching any movie with one of them in it. I love them all.

  9. Not particularly good looking or talented… just scandinavian. I guess that makes them exotic for the american audience.

  10. The mother had nothing to do with the children's success? Parents are a team. Sheesh.

  11. First thing that comes into my mind when I hear Skarsgard…. TRUE BLOOD!

  12. Never be above making a idiot out of yourself. Lmfao. I love this story . Hysterical

  13. I'm watching Stellan in The Exorcist "Dominon" and this comes up in my feed – Merrinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I hate all reality tv about families. None of its real or believable. But mostly, it’s BORING. So my answer is no, for their own, personal, protection.

  15. I wasn't aware there were that many kids! I'm sure family gatherings are loud & fun lol

  16. I'd rather watch Keeping up with the Skarsgårds rather than Keeping up with the Kardashians Lol

  17. Yeah, you can make a total fool of yourself when you're so damn hot, Mr. Alex Skargard.

  18. People need to stop pining for reality shows and let the celebs have their privacy.

  19. The Skarsgard don't need a "reality" tv show because the have true talent and have real careers as thespians.

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