#EmptyCupAwards are fun and all, but can we actually END bad prop coffee?


10 thoughts on “The Solution to Hollywood's Empty Coffee Cup Problem

  1. At least put water in the cup. And they do it with mugs too. Someone will be holding two supposedly full coffee mugs in one hand while motioning with their hands while talking. It's ridiculous. I've spotted the two coffee mugs thing in Bound and Orange is the New Black.

  2. Love it! But I wish they wouldn’t tilt the cup so much when they drink. A full cup of coffee would require very little tilt to the mouth to drink. That is my pet peeve with these empty cups – the amount they tilt would spill the entire hot cup of coffee all over themselves!

  3. Brilliant! The empty cup (and empty gift box) phenomenon has irritated me for years. You deserve an Emmy!

  4. This is an excellent idea. The empty-cup-look in scenes drive me nuts and the solution is just as simple as you've shown. Thank you. I feel better about the world now.

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