Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series Hollywood is a reimagining of 1940s Hollywood, telling the story of what might have happened if the industry had been more progressive. This video tells you the true stories behind the major characters who actually existed.

0:35 Peg Entwistle
1:21 Anna May Wong
4:15 Rock Hudson
6:03 Henry Wilson
7:35 Hattie McDaniel

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The True Stories Behind The Characters In Hollywood | Netflix

In post-World War II Hollywood, an ambitious group of aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true.

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35 thoughts on “The True Stories Behind Hollywood On Netflix

  1. I like the show for its amazing cast but the whole idea of rewritten history was weird and served no purpose to anything in particular so half way thru I was super perplexed and frustrated. First of all, it’s not educational, the based on not so true story is just plain disgrace to old Hollywood fans. Secondly, it’s not at all inspirational giving the supposed timeline of that series which accepting diversity did not exist, therefore the whole thing was made up and forcing you to think that the new world we’re living in somehow is made up of lies as well. And lastly, the series doesn’t have anything to build on for future seasons, they simply put an end to its so called happy ending Hollywood story.

  2. For those of you who don’t understand that Ryan Murphy creates amazing alternative universes. This show is supposed to show another world that Hollywood could have/should have/never was…

  3. I watched and finished it yesterday . I enjoyed it very much . Jim Parsons did a great job also . Wouldn’t have seen him in this until I saw him on screen . He did a great job making believe he was a dirt bag .

  4. I really really loved this show and now after watching this I love it even more. I hope they make a season 2

  5. the main objective of this show makes me wish that they would re-write other wrongs throughout the decades, like judy garland's loss in 1955, the color purple's lack of any oscars despite its long list of nominations, etc.

  6. This will get Emmy
    Why? As a pat in the back to the current Hollywood to make them feel good about themselves and to sugarcoat the continous discrimination and abuse that still happened
    Hollywood really wished to rewrite history of themselves and be woke
    I mean, the way they portrayed that only Hollywood turned progressive while keeping the society as it is left a confusing remark and kinda showcased that Hollywood is the beacon of progress and society would follow suit.

  7. Well, this seven-part (mostly) disastrous effort is now playing on Netflix and you really need to ask, “Why?” At no time does anyone mention Scotty Bowers who actually ran a Richfield Oil gas station in Hollywood in the late 40s whose attendants provided sexual favors to customers along with a tank of gas and a clean windshield. And the horrific abuses to pretty much everyone by those in power were just that, horrific. Those abuses didn’t need a revisionist fantasy this misguided production offered up. Hell, ask anyone in the industry the system is still rife with discrimination. Casting was clever except for Jim Parsons who was so awful as Henry Willson you just cringed every time he was in a scene. Jim’s not a bad actor, he was utterly wrong for the roll. Lastly, a big thank you to the producers who shot so many interior scenes of “Hollywood” in the still extant (and remarkable) Musso and Frank Grill on Hollywood Boulevard.


  9. The Oscar scene made me burst into tears. It is so wholesome and sentimental, and I can really feel the emotions of the characters.

  10. Btw, everyone is talking about Jim Parsons, but no one is mentioning Joe Mantello? Like he was amazing.

  11. SPOILERS!!!! I didn’t like the ending. It was too perfect and unbelievable. Because I couldn’t believe it, I felt like it was too much. I like when it takes a different path, trying to show a better alternative and correct wrong doings but I prefer when I still feel that it’s still realistic. It was too much. Some wrongdoings could have been corrected in a season 2 for example. Also Claire forgave way too easily that the guy she likes (Jack) slept with her mother. Her reaction was weird.

  12. Praising this show after the insane idea of killing off Richard Samuels right at the end? Couldn’t be me sis 👀

  13. So all of the gay men Hudson was involved with were white men but the show blackwashes in a black fictional one instead. That's so liberal elitist. By the way in what future decade are we going to see Asian, Latin and African movies and TV replace their actors with white and gay ones?

  14. Dana Owens isn’t out in Hollywood, but somehow she’s in a TV show about being out in Hollywood.

  15. Idk how she could marry him after knowing he used to fuck on her mom😂😂💀 wild

  16. While watching this I could tell it was historical fiction, but I never knew how much they pulled from actual history. Thanks for this informative video.

  17. I don't need a make believe Hollywood history. Hollywood didn't care about people of color or the LGBTQ community and they still don't. You can't change the past by wishing it didn't happen. You can only make things better by knowing what didn't work out and what isn't working today. This is something that I will not be waiting. Ever.

  18. this video helped me a lot.
    I had such a hard time with this series. I loved it, it was fun and captivating, but something irked me.
    I think it was that all these characters get happy endings that didn't happen in real life. Especially the Women of Color.
    It makes sense, after seeing this video, that Ryan Murphy and the others wanted to redeem Hollywoods power player and give the people a happy ending.

  19. This show speaks to me about being a minority even though there wasmt any latino actors/actresses but id still felt connected cause of archie and anna may wong also darren criss as minorities

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