The Vivienne is taking on the city of dreams and taking us behind the scenes as she films her first music video in her new series, The Vivienne Takes on Hollywood, coming exclusively to WOWPP and BBC3 on April 9!


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48 thoughts on “The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood Trailer

  1. Give her some win money, I think £20 would reflect price adequately of this obnoxious northern creature.

  2. I hope they pay her well for this. It’s upsetting she isn’t allowed any cash prize.

  3. One of the best performances of all time and didn't get paid. I find that to be quite disgusting. Go The Vivienne!!

  4. Sorry but how many people will ACTUALLY watch this like it looks a bit…. Bland? (No offence to Viv because I thought she did great)

  5. They should’ve let her compete on a all stars. Maybe even queens from her season. Idk man I’m just tryna find a better reason for them than a fucking wow+ show

  6. Is it just me, or has she toned down her Scouse accent so that people can understand her better? She’s a Liverpool queen through and through, work it for all of us who support you back home! ❤️

  7. Is this seriously the only reward (beside the fame) of RPDR UK, like no money? Even like an unannounced money prize? While the US girls got USD 100.000 (with tax)?!?

  8. I meaaaaan. Who gives a fuck about a WOW show. Just give her the prize money like the other winners. Literally NOBODY cares about the lame WOW shows that other loser queens pickedup.

  9. I actually think this is cool thaye should do this more like document other queens in their process of making there music videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜WERK

  10. oh man, this is it? this is her winning prize? all these und queens better pull a nicky doll and try their best at the og show 😂

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